Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

They said they came from out of nowhere. There were no signs of their arrival nor there were any loud sounds. One day, Humanity woke up and was forced to accept their existence...along with the destruction they brought with them. Ashton West, a orphan and a transmigrator from Earth. He woke up in this near-apocalyptic world without anyone else to rely on aside from himself. Thankfully, he was blessed with a golden finger that came with his transmigration package! Ashton: This world needs a Hero...sadly, I can't be bothered to be one. Ashton: Surely there's someone out there who can fulfill that role. As for me? Well... "Being 'Humanity's Strongest Backer' doesn't sound so bad." *** Disclaimer: 1. Cover's not mine. Found it online and edited it. This is for temporary use. Hit me up if this is yours and want it to be taken down. 2. Don't expect perfection. It doesn't exist. 3. I'm not in a race with the other authors. I have my own update schedule. Don't worry, it's frequent enough. All your support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking out my work!

Hateful_Fellow · Fantasy
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425 Chs

The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet...

A jewel amidst nowhere. Surrounded by a vast blanket of velvet blanket filled with silvery sparkles.

What makes this place unique is the fact that it has its own sun and moon that revolve around it. Compared to Earth, it is definitely many times bigger.

This world used to be a marvel when seen from Outer Space. A mixture of green, blue, and white used to be the most prominent colors it had.

The Blue Planet used to look like a piece of art.

That is until they came...

Now, the Blue Planet was divided into two main colors; Black and Gold, taking half of the planet's face for themselves.

There are certain parts where these colors clashed, signifying the two camps of invaders going at each other's throats. Because of this, it was incredibly difficult to determine if there were truly other creatures living on this planet aside from those who painted this world with these colors.