9 System Functions

Ashton still couldn't get over the fact that the front seat just twisted like but he had to since the man has something to tell him and it seems important.

"You've heard this from the doctors before. You are cursed." Agent Theta didn't beat around the bush and instantly went into the sore spot. "While the doctors told you that it will make your life difficult, I don't think you truly understand what that entails."

"I'm not them, I won't mince words with you." Agent Theta looked straight to his eyes and said: "If people around you knew that you are cursed, there is a high-chance that they will avoid you. In some cases, they might call you names or even go as far as to hurt you."

Ashton winced upon hearing that. In truth, he already had premonitions that this might be the case. He's afraid that the stigma of being 'cursed' will have a great effect on him.

It's like racism actually, now that he thought about it. In Earth, that has been a very sensitive topic. Typically, this comes with oppression and sometimes, hate-crime. Ashton isn't really excited to experience all of that.

"Boy, this world is crueler than you thought." Agent Theta shook his head, "You might think that you have it nice thanks to your inheritance but in truth, that barely amounts to anything."

"While it's true that, as a 3-star Citizen, you have more privileges and rights. Believe me when I say that humans, when motivated, will always find a way to drag you down."

"I'm not saying this to deter you or scare you." He shook his head again, "I'm telling you this so that you can be prepared."

"Be on-guard boy." He warned, "Take everything at face-value. Do not easily trust people just because they look and sound nice. Always come prepared and observe how you and they act. That's the best way you can protect yourself. Do you understand?"

"I...I guess? I don't fully understand it yet but I can tell why its important. I'll remember your words and I'll be careful, I promise."

"...good enough at least. Next. Education." Agent Theta didn't bother repeating himself, the boy seems sensible enough in his eyes anyways.

"You said that you plan on enrolling to the Academy, but you also said that you can barely read. That won't do." The agent shook his head, "That's nowhere near enough to pass, and with your status as a Cursed Mage? Not a chance."

Agent Theta then touched his watch and suddenly images to thick books showed-up in their holographic forms.

"Kids who grew up 'normally' studied these books. Those who are attempting to enroll into the Academy have them even memorized by heart. If you want to stand a chance, you have to reach their level or even surpass it."

"It's the second week of February today so you have at least three months to catch-up to their level of intellect. The written exams begin at May, around the second week so you have to be prepared. If you passed that, then you can study there and pursue the path of a Professional Mage."

"Memorize what these books looks like, later when you adjusted to your new home, go a nearby library and borrow these books. Study them thoroughly. If you're meticulous enough, you should be able to understand all of it by yourself. If you can't, you can always hire a tutor. Up to you. Do you follow?"


"Remember, the matter about you being curse, you're identity as a 3-star citizen, be careful when to reveal it and whom you'll reveal it to. You have no one but yourself at this point, you gotta act more sensibly. Be wise with your money and work smart."

"I understand." Ashton nodded solemnly.

"Also, don't even think about practicing magic before you enter the Academy or any school for that matter. One wrong move and you will kill yourself. Do it under professional supervision. You won't go wrong with that."


"That's all I have to say. We'll talk again once we're at your home. You rest there or get familiar with the environment."

After saying that, Agent Theta unceremoniously turned his seat again and paid attention to the road, leaving Ashton slightly speechless.

Well, he can't really complain now. After all, this man just gave him some important advice despite them being complete strangers.

Ashton will admit that he had been complacent. He was too distracted by all the new things he was seeing, experiencing and having that he completely forgot that this world is just as dangerous as it is mysterious.

Agent Theta was right. Since knowing that the inheritance was that rich, he thought that his life would be much easier and comfortable as before.

Honestly? Who can blame him?

He's 13 yet he's already a home-owner, not only that, his bank account is fat as hell. And with the addition and excitement of becoming a true mage? Who could stay indifferent from all of this?

Not to mention, he got it for free! What could be better about this? If this was Earth? Oh, he's set. All he needs to do is to find a decent job and a girlfriend and he's golden.

Sadly, this isn't Earth. Earth is gone. He should seriously remove all remaining attachments he have on that place since he's never coming back. Earth is not coming back. He has to accept that and live this new life he was given.

It is thanks to the efforts of the Old Ash that his mistakes were minimized. He didn't speak much nor reacted like a kid on a sugar-high. Old Ash being a skeptic and doubtful of everything helped him a lot so he owe it to him to live this life in a fitting way.

'Alright. Let's take everything seriously and start some real plans shall we? There's a time to play and there's a time to work seriously. Let there be a clear distinction between the two.'

'Darn, I was so busy that I haven't even explored what my System could do yet. Hey, System. Do I have a...Profile Page that you can display?'



Host: Ashton West

Race: Human


• Mageroot: Nature-Light Mixed (5th-Tier Human Rank)

• Magical Artifact: Cursed Mystic Book (Rare-grade)

• Providence: Five Golden Rays (Bright Saint)

Specialization: [None]

Rank: [Awakened]

Cultivation Technique: NA

'Okay, this is mostly understandable except for the Specialization and Rank part. System, can you explain those to me?'

[Negative. Host will have to discover them on their own.]

'Got it. System, what are your other functions?'

[Spells List: 0/0]


[Grinding Spots: 0/1]

[Sign-in Opportunities: 1]

'Uh, okay. Some of these I can recognize but what is this...Grinding Spots? Sign-in Opportunities?'

[The Grinding Spots and the Sign-in Opportunities are the unique functions of the System, Host.]

[The Grinding Spots is a place where you can send a piece of your consciousness to form an Avatar. In there, the Avatar will begin to practice Spells you want. When the Spell chosen leveled-up or the Host chose to halt the grind, the Avatar will dissipate and return to you including all of it's gains and understanding about the previous Spell that it grinded.]

[Note. Grinding Spots are limited and costs Mana Crystals to activate. Host could also choose to accelerate the process by charging more Mana Crystals for the Spell of your choice. Unlocking more slots also require Mana Crystals.]

'So that's where the Idle thing comes from, I get it.' Ashton nodded to himself, 'Well, what about the Sign-in Opportunities?'

[This world is rich in Spirituality, it is for this very reason that things like Magic exist in the first place.]

[Time and Space remember Legends and History, they are branded to where they happened, invoking that specific place to be rich with Legendary or Historical Providence.]

[The purpose of the Sign-in Function is to encourage Host to seek these places and leave his mark as a way of saying: 'I was here' in virtue of Signing-in.]

[In truth, Host can choose to Sign-in at any place he pleases but places which witnessed history and rich with Providence will be a much better place to leave your mark.]

[By Signing-in you will receive random rewards specific to the place where you signed-in. Places that have richer Providence will rear you better rewards.]

'So, a proof of existence that goes beyond the 'I think therefore I am', got it. Oddly poetic and romantic. I like that.'

'Ooh, darn! Now that I think about it, Signing-in at the Federation Center would've been real nice. Missed the opportunity to do that, oh well. I'll just do it when the chance presents itself.'

'Ah, right! I still have that don't I?'

'System, use the Random System Skill Stub.'

[Random System Skill Stub, consumed.]

[System Skill: Identify, unlocked.]

'Ooh! The staple skill for all Systems! Description please.'

[Identify (System Skill)]:

• Identify any targets within Host's line of sight.

• Details displayed may vary depending on the level difference between Host and the Target.

• No cooldown.

'Interesting. Let's try it.' Ashton then used Identify on Agent Theta and a screen displayed itself to him.

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