Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

They said they came from out of nowhere. There were no signs of their arrival nor there were any loud sounds. One day, Humanity woke up and was forced to accept their existence...along with the destruction they brought with them. Ashton West, a orphan and a transmigrator from Earth. He woke up in this near-apocalyptic world without anyone else to rely on aside from himself. Thankfully, he was blessed with a golden finger that came with his transmigration package! Ashton: This world needs a Hero...sadly, I can't be bothered to be one. Ashton: Surely there's someone out there who can fulfill that role. As for me? Well... "Being 'Humanity's Strongest Backer' doesn't sound so bad." *** Disclaimer: 1. Cover's not mine. Found it online and edited it. This is for temporary use. Hit me up if this is yours and want it to be taken down. 2. Don't expect perfection. It doesn't exist. 3. I'm not in a race with the other authors. I have my own update schedule. Don't worry, it's frequent enough. All your support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking out my work!

Hateful_Fellow · Fantasy
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425 Chs

Fey Emperor

The Fey Atavism Platform looked like a solid block of rectangular stone carved with runes and rugged by time.

Ashton stood in front of it, feeling a sense of familiarity deep in his bones which he knew was coming from the Fey Bloodline coursing through him.

The platform was pitch black and covered in a dark golden sheen. Its surface was smooth, there were no bumps whatsoever. The runes were golden in color, making a beautiful contrast with the dark color of the platform itself.

There's a sense of nobility in this platform which he found inexplicable. It's probably because this was once a sacred item to the Fey which is why it has this kind of aura.

Underneath the obvious awe he held for the platform, Ashton could also feel a strong pull from it.

It's as if it was calling out to him. Which would be normal, given that he's part Fey, and this is the sacred artifact of Fey.