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The people from Moose city were the first to arrive. Soon after their arrival, people from two other cities made their way inside the city of Mehull. Old fern springs and Ignis city.

Those from the Old fern Springs have a symbol of a pond covered in mist on their sleeves, while those from the city of Ignis have the symbol of a flame. And just like their symbols, the characteristics of the people from these two groups were vastly different. People from the Old Fer Springs were more laid back and easygoing, whereas the people from the city of Ignis were more arrogant and hot-blooded, ready to engage in fights with anyone, anywhere.

There were even some cases of brawls breaking out after their arrival.

Yang Ze who was still sitting inside his room only took a glance at the new arrivals before engrossing himself back in the books. At this moment, he could care less about these people.

Two more days passed in the blink of an eye and almost all of the people from the major cities have reached the city of Mehull. However, there were still two more cities which have yet to arrive.

"HOH... They are here together!?" Glancing outside his window, Yang Ze saw the last two ships arriving in the city of Mehull. "Go or not!?"

After thinking for a while, he ultimately decided not to venture out. He has plenty of time to meet them later. At this moment, he still needed to read some more martial arts books. Even though they were not registering on the screen in front of him, they were still enough to enrich his knowledge.

"Also... just a few more days." Looking at the screen in front of him, Yang Ze let out a smile.


{Name: Yang Ze}

{Realm: Innate (Manifestation), Formation Master}

{Fleshy Body: Innate}

{XP: 4250}

{Secret Technique: Dimac} (4250/8000 XP) +

{Fishing: Current Location Mehull} (3000 XP for major chance) (1000 Spirit stones for minor chance)

{Personal Space: 100 cubic meters} {Limit Reached}

{Efficiency: 500 XP/day}

{Level: 4} (0/10 Essense stones needed to upgrade)

{Mark Of Sin: 1/11}


With this speed, he only needed to wait eight more days before advancing further.





While Yang Ze was immersed in reading martial art books, the people from the last two cities finally landed inside the city of Mehull.

"This is Mehull!?" A young boy aged around twelve was looking around curiously. "Father, are we sure we are in the right place!?"

"We are." The middle-aged man nodded as he followed behind a group of servants.

"But..." The boy still has a confused expression on his face. "Why does this city looks worse than our Yuyang City!?"

"Shan'er..." The man glanced at his son with a stern face. "I hope you can stop asking these stupid questions. If you want to know, you can find it yourself."

Listening to his father reprimanding him, the boy shrank his neck as his eyes were filled with a wronged expression. He just couldn't understand why his father was so grumpy.

"Hahaha, brother Yuanzhen. Stop scolding your youngest." It was at this time that an old man walked with a smile on his face.

"Brother Cang Lin..." With a nod, Yang Yuanzhen signaled his son Yang Shan to move forward.

"Hmph!" With a snort, Yang Shan muttered in displeasure. However, no matter how courageous he might be, he didn't dare to refute his father.

"What do brother Lin think of this situation!?" Signaling with his eyes, Yang Yuanzhen looked around before asking him in a grim tone.

"Not much... Haven't you heard, it was due to the battle between the elder from the Leihui Sect and the previous city lord."

"And you believe it!?" Narrowing his eyes, a smile formed on Yang Yuanzhen's face.

"Heh..." Cang Lin didn't reply, but the sneer on his face was enough to display his inner thoughts. During their journey, they heard about a huge battle taking place in the city of Mehull, one that almost destroyed the entire city. However, after reaching here did they realize what the actual situation was.

The houses that were destroyed seemed to be in a circular pattern, meaning whatever it was, it was a single sudden burst of power. As for their claims of the elder of Leihui Sect fighting the previous city lord... Heh... If both of them actually fought, then there wouldn't be a trace of Mehull city left.

"What do you think!?"

"What is there to think!?" Stroking his long white beard, Cang Lin shook his head. "We made a decision and now we have to carry it out."

"I can see that you are greatly disturbed, but do remember..." With a slight pause, Cang Lin took a deep breath "It was a collective decision. There is no use regretting it now. We might as well focus on increasing our strength now."

"Mmm..." With a nod, Yang Yuanzhen walked together with Cang Lin, following the group of servants that was leading them to a distant place.



"Ehhh... Looks half decent." On the other side, another group was slowly walking out of the other ship.

An old man in his late eighties was looking around while slowly nodding his head. "Well, better than what I imagined it to be."

He too had heard about the disaster that struck the city of Mehull a few weeks ago. However, the recovery shown by the city was remarkable. In these few short weeks, there were already new buildings and other structures.

"Ancestor... Shall we go!?" A middle-aged man stood respectfully near the old man, waiting for his response.

"Ah! Hua Cheng." The old man looked at the man as he slowly nodded his head. "Let's go... We still have work to do."

"Ancestor, did you find something about that bastard!?"

"Heh." A cold light flashed in the old man's eyes as he gritted his teeth. "Using our Hua family as a scapegoat, does he really think we can not do anything."

"What about the identity of that bastard!?" The man asked with some hesitation. It was clear he was still somewhat conflicted in his mind.

"IDENTITY!?" The old man almost cursed out loud. "That bastard is using the name Hua Ji, and proclaiming himself as a member of the Hua family. Using our name to run a business in this city... How dare he!?

If I don't teach him a lesson in blood, then I will change my name from Hua Liu to something else."

"Ancestor Liu..." Hua Cheng looked at the old man with pious eyes, as the two of them followed the servants, making their way towards the outskirts of the city.





"And this is the place you all will be staying in." Pointing at the numerous wooden cabins in front of him, the servant gave them a bow. "The houses have nameplates to avoid any confusion."

Speaking till here, the servant paused for a moment before continuing with his speech. "Then... I hope you all can feel comfortable here. Do tell us if there is something that you need."

"The patriarch and the ancestor will meet you all tomorrow."

With these last words, the servants took their leave, leaving the numerous people behind to figure out housing themselves.

"Window's mine." As soon as the servants left, a small kid jumped up in excitement before rushing towards the nearest wooden cabin.

"Top... Top floor's mine." Following the steps of the kid, soon children along with some men in their twenties began to make their way towards the cabins, wanting to find a suitable place of living for themselves.

"Should... Should we take some rest too!?" Hua cheng looked at the old man nervously, waiting for him to answer.

"NO." Even though he had expected the answer, there was still a sense of unwillingness on his face. However, he didn't dare to voice it out.

"We need to find that bastard." Gritting his teeth, Hua Liu turned around before making his way toward the city center, hoping to find more about the boy.



While the old man and Hua Cheng were making their way toward the city center, Yang Ze was standing in front of his window, looking at the distant scenery.

With his powerful senses, he was clearly able to hear bursts of loud noises in the distance. He could only see some figures moving around without making out their appearances. Even though his eyes were much better than the normal humans, he still couldn't see over such a large distance.

"This is going to be fun." Thinking about some familiar faces, a smile formed on his lips.



Time passed in the blink of an eye, and by the time Hua Liu and Hua Cheng returned back, it was already evening. The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks, the long day wanes, the slow moon climbs, and the deep Moans round with many voices.

And amongst all these, the figure of Hua Liu and Hua Cheng finally stood in front of a wooden cabinet.

This one wooden cabinet has nothing in particular. It was just like many other wooden cabins scattered throughout the area. Their own cabins were similar to the one in front of them.

However, unlike the other cabins, there was a stark difference in the one in front of them.

Unlike the other wooden cabins, this one doesn't have a name plaque. There was no mention of the city or town. It was as if, this wooden cabin was nothing but a model used for a showcase.

"It's here." Hua Cheng after roaming throughout the city the entire day finally has an excited expression on his face.

"Crafty bastard..." Old Liu gritted his teeth as he took a step forward. "As expected from someone using our family's name to run a business. Even his house is in the least suspicious area of the city."

After roaming for so long, they finally got the address of the bastard using their family's name to run a business in the city of Mehull.

At this moment, there was a tinge of nervousness along with excitement on Hua Cheng's face. Even though he was an elder of the Hua family, it was still hard for him to control his emotions. After so many days, they were finally going to get that bastard.

Old Liu on the other hand, has a grave expression on his face. Till now, he was not clear about the strength of the people behind that boy. However, even after asking from many sources, he couldn't grasp the true power behind the boy.

Some were saying that the boy was just a pawn used by the Xia family, while many believed the boy to be a high-ranking person from the Leihui sect.

However, no matter what his identity was out of these two, it was not something that the likes of him could question.

And yet, they refused to back down without getting any explanation.


With a thunderous roar, the entire wooden cabin seemed to shake for a moment.


The only thing that replied to them was the chirping of the insects during the nighttime.

"Tac, tac, tac..." And just when the two of them were getting impatient, the door to the cabins opened as the figure of a sixteen-seventeen-year-old boy walked outside, looking at the two of them with a weird face.

The three of them observed each other for a long time. In the end, it was the boy who broke the ice.

"Come on in." With a smile, the boy signaled the two of them to follow him before making his way inside.

"Ancestor!?" Hua Cheng hesitated as he looked at the old man beside him.

"What are you afraid of!? Don't tell me such a young boy was enough to scare you shitless."

"No... NO."

"Good..." With a nod, the old man took a step forward, as he slowly entered the house, leaving an echo. "Then follow behind me."

As some of you might already know, there were some difficulties in my life. Long story short, there was an inquiry and I along with some of my colleagues were suspended.

Now that everything is over, I can focus more on writing. Will be releasing regular chapters from tomorrow.

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