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While Yang Ze was thinking of plans for the future, the people in the city of Mehull were having the time of their life. After the feast and gift ceremony, came the event of celebration. From child to old, men to women, everyone was dancing happily. A group of people was playing various instruments, playing songs that were full of happiness and celebration.

Xia Jian looked at the crowd with an extremely satisfied expression. Even though they had to sacrifice a lot, the end results were worth it. Once he gets back home, they would be receiving tons of resources and some advanced techniques.

The more he thought about this, the more excited he became. After being stuck in this same realm for god knows how long, he finally has some hope to take a step further. Not only him, but the other two ancestors, Yuwen Tai and Feng Jianyi were equally if not more excited.

The celebrations went on for quite a long time. Other than a few sick and crippled people, almost everyone from the city attended the event. The majority of them already suffered through a devastating disaster a few days ago. Now they finally had something to look forward to.

The celebrations didn't stop till evening. Only after it was beginning to grow dark, that Xia Jian dismissed the crowd. However, to their pleasant surprise, he made sure that every one of them receive some food from the kitchen. In the end, under countless praise and blessings, Xia Jian finally concluded his two hundredth birthday celebration.



"I thank you all once again to attend this celebration." After the crowd was dispersed, Xia Jian looked at the main guests as he started to speak.

"As for the matter promised, you all can ask your family's patriarch or elders."

"And with that... This banquet is over."

With these final words, Xia Jian stepped into the air before flying toward his home. Feng Jianyu and Yuwen Tai followed suit as both of them returned back to their families.

"Heh..." The new city lord of Mehull, Zhang Gen looked at the people in front of him with a smile. Reaching into his robe, he took out a small paper bird and infused the aura of heaven and earth in it. As soon as it was infused with the aura, the paper bird seemed to come to life. Flapping its wings, it slowly flew up before disappearing into the horizon.

"Now we wait." With eyes full of expectations, he looked into the distance as he made his way back to the newly designated City Lord hall.





It wasn't until two days later that an explosive piece of news threw the world into chaos. One of the major cities under the Xuanwu Sect, Mehull has decided to sever ties with the academy and decided to join the Leihui Sect.

In one of the many small cities, people were discussing amongst themselves with great excitement. In this age when the only source of entertainment is gossip, this news was like giving a milkshake to a thirsty person. No matter who it was, at this moment, the only thing that anyone was discussing was the recent changes.

"Have you heard!?"

"Yes. My goodness. Those people really did it."

"Aren't they afraid that Xuanwu Academy will retaliate!?"

"Retaliate my ass... Haven't you heard!?"

"What? What is it!?"


"Dman it... You telling or not!?"

"Ahem! I am feeling thirsty."

"OIE WAITER. BRING THIS MAN A JAR OF WINE. Now tell us what you know."

"Well, I heard that the Leihui Sect is just like the Xuanwu Academy. They are equally if not stronger than the Xuanwu Sect. I heard just how Xunawu Academy rules above us, Leihui Sect rules over similar large territory."

"Holy moly..."

"This... This is going to be a war..."

While a few people were discussing amongst themselves, the figure of a frail man rushed inside the tavern with panic all over his face.

"OH MY GOD..."

"Huh!? What happened scholar Che!?"

"YOU GUYS... YOU GUYS..." The person called scholar Che looked around in panic. "IT'S A DISASTER..."

"Calm down, what happened!?"

"Yes. Why are you in such a panic!?"


"What!? What news!?"

A few people stood up with grave expressions with a feeling of foreboding. And soon their fear was turned into reality.






The entire tavern fell into a long period of silence.


No one knows who shouted it first, but soon the entire tavern began to boil.





Soon, another explosive piece of news made its way to other cities. Following the suit of Mehull City, many cities decided to sever their ties with Xuanwu Sect and join the Leihui Sect.

This was like pouring water into the hot oil. The entire world began to boil. The list of cities that joined the Leihui Sect was soon made public.

"Ignis city,

Yuyang City,

Old Fern springs,

Moose city,


Inside his house, Yang Ze looked at the long list of names that joined the Leihui Sect before letting out a sigh. Things seemed to be getting messier and messier. Other than the names of these cities, there was one more piece of information.

"The yearly festival that is held every year in the city of Ignis will be now held in the city of Mehull during the upcoming month."

Yang Ze always regretted not attending the Yearly Festival in the city of Ignis. Now it seems like, the festival has been scheduled for a later date at a different location.

"Well, looks like I am about to meet some familiar faces." Thinking about it, a smile formed on his face. He was already missing that old man from the Hua family... Hopefully, he would bring something good with him here.

"Also this girl..." Yang Ze looked out of the window only to see the figure of Yao Xiang standing under the shade of a tree, meditating with her eyes closed. After the events of two days ago, Yao Xiang stopped talking to him. Every time she saw him, she would tremble in fear before walking away.

Yang Ze tried talking to her, but to no avail. Helplessly, he could only give up and let the nature take its course. The only good thing that came out of this ordeal was a new set of exercises along with getting rid of Yao Xiang's constant nagging for teaching her something.

"Well, it's not too bad." With a wide grin, Yang Ze picked up the book from the table as he slowly immersed himself in reading. There were still thousands of books waiting for him...





Far away in the city of Ignis, a large caravan was being prepared. And standing in front of the caravan was the figure of a middle-aged man supervising them.

"Yeah, and put that to a little left."

"Correct... Just put it there."

"Oie, you bastard! DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO MOVE IT?"

A few of the servants looked at each other helplessly.

"What has gone into elder Hua Cheng!?"

"I heard he was beaten up like a dog last time by someone and then robbed."

"Sshhh... Do you want to die!? Just keep on working."

While the servants were busy whispering amongst themselves, an old man made his way toward Elder Cheng.

"Ancestor." Noticing the presence of the old man, Hua Chen bowed respectfully.

"Is everything going well!?" The old man asked in a serene voice.

"Everything is perfect, ancestor." Taking a short pause, he continued "If we leave by tomorrow morning we will be able to reach the city of Mehull within less than fifteen days."

"Fifteen days, huh!" The old man nodded slightly before his eyes were filled with coldness.

"Using the name of our family... I am gonna teach him a lesson he would never forget." A few weeks ago, they received some people from Mehull city asking them about someone named Hua Ji. After talking to them, they finally understood the reason behind their visit.

It seemed like someone was using their family's name in the city of Mehull. To their family, it was a matter of great shame. He decided that he was going to take care of this matter personally.

So, when the annual festival was announced, he was more than happy to take a trip to Mehull.

"Little shit. Look at how I tidy you up." From the news, he was aware that it was a kid aged sixteen. The more he thought about how a hairless brat was using his family as a scapegoat, the more enraged he became.

"FUCKING KIDS THESE DAYS." He was already beaten like a dog by a kid. That humiliation was something that he would never forget in his life. Now that he has found another kid using their family's name, he was finally going to take it out on someone.

"Ha... Haha... Hahahaha." Laughing maniacally, he caressed his beard as he increasingly became pleased with all the things he was going to do to him.





"Are we ready!?"

"Tomorrow morning, Patriarch."


In Yuyang city, the figure of Yang Yuanzhen was standing outside with Old Xie, looking at the large caravan. The decision to join the Leihui Sect was of great importance to him.

Now they were at the point of no return. They could only bite the bullet and move forward.

"Innate..." Clenching his fists in anticipation, Yang Yuangzhen exhaled heavily before walking back inside with Old Xie.

Their destination... Mehull City.

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