IDEBET | Situs Slot Deposit Shopee Pay Mudah Jackpot

Author: Mei_Tan_7138
Video Game
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What is IDEBET | Situs Slot Deposit Shopee Pay Mudah Jackpot

Read ‘IDEBET | Situs Slot Deposit Shopee Pay Mudah Jackpot’ Online for Free, written by the author Mei_Tan_7138, This book is a Video Game Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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__________________________________ Alex who was suffering from gerontophilia (where a teen only loves older ladies), just wanted to propose to his college professor Merlin and wanted to live a happy life with her. But fate has other plans, Merlin already has a boyfriend and she will marry him soon when Alex knows about this, his heart breaks apart and he loses his hope for life. On that day he got an attack and died in front of an Overspeed car. When his soul reached heaven, a god gave him a chance to become what he wished for all the time. He got another life and he got something he didn't accept that god and his life turned into something different from Earth. We'll see the journey of Alex(yuan) where he made a harem full of milfs and do a lot of things. _____________________________________ This novel isn't only about adult scenes and se*, this novel has a very intriguing story too. You will see it after when you read. _____________________________________ if you are below eighteen, you should not read this novel, no NTR Yuri MC's lover will not go for another man when she loves him. He'll steal another man's women. ___________________________________ sword fight:- yes, without a sword how will you beat enemies? powerful villain:- yes Dual cultivation:- yes slave - yes _____________________________________ This is my first novel so I need your support..at least give this novel one chance. At least read a few chapters and then if you don't like u can do what you want. _____________________________________ if you guys have any suggestions or any issue with chapters, you can connect me on discord:- https://discord.gg/QfD9SptvBC _____________________________________ cover image is not owned by me. i downloaded it from other resources. if owner wants to remove it I'll remove immediately

cultured_dude · Eastern
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