Ichor: Blood Magic Sovereign

Author: RavenCorella
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What is Ichor: Blood Magic Sovereign

Read Ichor: Blood Magic Sovereign novel written by the author RavenCorella on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A primordial vampire wreaks havoc across modern day Asia. Beset by the catastrophe, Muchen has to sacrifice himself to save his family. In an attempt to reincarnate, the magus ends up lost in time, his soul stranded all the way back in 1410, amidst the brightest pyres of the Inquisition. (read more...) ~ A slumbering immortal awakes deep in the Himalayas, sowing lethal nightmares across the mortal realms. Millions perish throughout India and China in mere hours, even as national armies struggle fruitlessly to contain its hunger. Ancient paragons of magic descend from isolation, and shapeshifter beasts rise up to defend their tribal courts, all in vain. Werewolves and vampires put their eternal conflicts aside and unite, not in an effort to win — but to live. Muchen Feng is an old mage caught up in an aftershock of the creature’s awakening. Despite his best efforts, he fails to hold on to what he cherishes most. Unwilling to resign to his fate, Muchen seeks a path to the past, and tries to reincarnate. Born anew, he shall rewrite all wrongs and erase his regret at the source. Alas, his plan goes awry and the ritual is interrupted just as success is within reach. His soul is nearly torn asunder, and he forfeits control over his own fate. Adrift in time and on the brink of collapse, he finds refuge in the Dream realms, but that shelter is far from flawless. Unable to halt his soul’s decay, he resigns himself to chance. Centuries earlier, in the savage Maltese Archipelago, a sickly infant is abandoned at the Valetta port. Taking pity on the dying boy, a kind soul takes him to a monastery. That pity however is misplaced, for within that frail body linger the last embers of a drifter from the future.

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The story is logically sound yet magically immersive and draws you in from the first chapter, even with the info dumps(which are totally my thing btw, but some people might not be fond of it... It's world building 101, come on). The language is easy to follow, yet expressive and emotive. The scenic descriptions pull you into the world. It's a bit slow at first, but it feels like a marathon worth running.


This, is honestly really great. But I'll still go through the motions. Writing quality; I didn't see any grammatical errors, though that doesn't mean much if the story or world-building is garbage. The actions and reactions of the characters and the world around them are written in quite a pleasant way. Story development; The story seems to be building up well, a vampire threat appearantly, and I can't wait for some time shenanigens. Character design; Leonardo decaprio was done pretty well, though you should remember that this is semi-regressor story. The girl I presume to be his original wife is... I'm honestly not sure about her, she appearantly has some talent, which at least makes her, not, useless. If she were to get a bit to big for her britches, though, I'm sure to reccomend ways to mess with her. But if there were one complaint, the mc is pretty much just 'Generic strong-willed kid but with magical knowledge and a weird connection to a kid a year or two younger than him.' World background; This, this is great, and I'm going to only be talking about the magic system here, talk about what I know and all. The magic system has 9 sections, not elements, 'Sections'. Time, space, elements, mind, soul, ect. Now, I'm not that certain as to how it will be used yet, but I know a common pit fall; 'This element does that, and since the mage is stronger, there's more element!' Make sure to mix the sections, okay? Not just fire. But fire and mind, to make a fire that seems perfectly safe, and even comfortable, and then mix in some soul, so that the flame can burn the soul. Voila, you made a three section spell, let's call it 'Ensnaring soul fire'. Individual stars- Writing quality; 5* Stability of updates; 5* (Don't matter anyways) Story development; 4* (Due to it being slow paced at the moment) Character design; 4* (Due to there not being enough characterization) World background; 5* (You can really see that this was probably written before hand, and then adapted into a novel.) Conclusion; I'll be honest, since you won't pick up the other paths in detail, after you finish or get burnt-out by this novel, write something about another character in another time with a different path. It'd be a waste if this world only had one novel too be a door to it. PS; If anything important happens after (Chapter 12), I'm going to change this review to reflect it.


I enjoyed reading this story. The author's writing quality is very good and I had to say it's an interesting story to pick. I could connect with characters well and I could feel their emotions, especially in the initial chapters. I also want to say one thing, that I felt the choice of words were a little complicated in the initial chapters, but later it got good. Overall it's a nice story worth a read and I totally recommend it.


I greatly enjoyed the writing and narrative of the story. Every detail was vivid, and I could feel the emotions and atmosphere of the story. However, the beginning and pacing of the story felt somewhat slow to me. It took around 5-6 chapters before the main character finally reincarnated, which took some time. Overall, this novel is still a great work, and I highly recommend it for fans of the fantasy genre.


Reveal spoiler


The story follows a certain flow of events that suck you in to the plot and world itself. there is a nice character progression and development along with the power gain through logical means


Great read, this gave me some sort of vibes from a series I used to watch that just straights up kills a character they just introduced. I saw quite a bit of information dumps and although I'm fine with that, I think the readers could be more immersed into the world more if it was more detailed and more explained. Overall, it was a great read!


he story is great, my only complaint is the information dump at some point. I suggest removing it and slowly revealing it as the character reaches that level. Other than that a great overall read.


I love everything about this novel. The character names areso good that it makes one easy to remember. The world background is also good. Keep it up


This is my first time reading a book about reincarnation, this got me hooked up. I guess I will stick around.


A great book with excellent writing quality. The author seems to know where he is going with this as the worldbuilding seems thought out. Definitely recommend!


Alr great book the action and pacing was great, the description was well written. Hopefully we get into the plot and main character in the next chapter.


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