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Since birth, Oliver carries memories of a distant world, as if he had lived a completely different life and retained knowledge of that place, but unable to remember any details about his former personality. Moved by his knowledge of this parallel world and the discrepancies he saw between the two, Oliver decides to take advantage of these differences. The first revelation is that in this new world there are no platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Determined to fill that gap, Oliver decides to create it himself! By creating his own Twitch, he discovers the existence of a unique System, which requires him to awaken positive feelings in people and be rewarded with random Gachas! However, the biggest surprise for Oliver was when he moves in and realizes not only the familiarity with the world of his memories, but also that this world is the universe of the famous series called iCarly! Remembering these characters from the show who are now real people, Oliver decided to help the trio with his knowledge while enjoying this fun experience. ------ NunuNote: This is not just an iCarly world, as most you know, Victorious will also be present in the future, but during victorious the characters were around 16 years old, so it wouldn't make sense for the MC to meet with the Victorious characters for now since they wouldn't even be on Hollywood Arts, of course, like everyone else, I also appreciate Cat and Jade, so don't worry about that. Another important point is that I will not limit myself to series from Nickelodeon, since Disney also has very good series and I intend in the future that some series from there will also be mixed, I leave it to your imagination to think about which series can appear. discord.gg/nunuxd patreon.com/nunuxd

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07 - Drug Dealing?

"What have you done to my little Freddie?!" A woman in her late 40s screamed angrily as she glared at Bella.

Bella was confused and shocked by the woman's reaction. "What do you mean by that?"

The woman pointed at Freddie who ran into the kitchen. "Every day my little Freddie eats the nutritious breakfast I make for him without complaint, but today he only took one bite and couldn't eat any more! You drugged my son?! Do you kidnap kids here?! call the police!"

Looking at this strange Karen in front of her, Bella was confused and had to think for a few seconds about what she was going to say to this woman.

"I think you've got something mixed up, I didn't make anything for your son, it's just that probably the food my nephew made for him was very tasty and he can't eat ordinary food anymore." Bella tried to find the best way to explain this.

Karen eyed Bella suspiciously as, without waiting for anyone's invitation, she entered the house and walked over to Freddie.

"My baby, why don't you want to eat mommy's food?" She asked worriedly as she looked at her little boy.

Freddie finally realized that his mother had followed him here, and knowing what made his mother look that way, he quickly explained. "Mom… it's not that I don't want to eat your food, it's just that the food Oli made yesterday was so tasty that I felt it was lacking flavor…"

Sam saw how Freddie's mother called him and then laughed in a mocking voice. "My baby… haha."

Which made Freddie even more embarrassed, glancing at Carly to see if she was thinking badly of him.

Seeing that Carly didn't have much of a reaction, Freddie sighed in relief.

"You must be Mrs. Benson, right?" Daniel asked.

Mrs. Benson looked at Daniel suspiciously and replied. "Yes, who are you?"

"I'm Daniel, Daniel Knight, your son and my nephew Oli made friends yesterday and Oli invited them to have dinner with us, as Oli is a great cook I think Freddie liked his cooking a little too much." Daniel tried to explain the situation, just as Bella had tried to do.

Mrs. Benson eyed him suspiciously. "Who's Oli?"

Daniel pointed his hand at Oli who was cooking. "He's Oli."

Seeing that this cook nephew he was talking about was a boy Freddie's age made Mrs. Benson was a little less worried, at least it wasn't some bitchy adult taking aim at her son's gorgeous body.

Oli looked at her and smiled. "Hi Mrs. Benson, I'm Oli. Would you like to join us for breakfast?"

She looked at him a little suspiciously, not believing that a boy Freddie's age could make food as delicious as they said. But in the end she agreed. "All good."

After saying that, she sat politely next to Freddie who was at the dining table in the kitchen.

[Sra. Benson Commentary]

Mrs. Benson sat on the sofa and eyed the camera suspiciously.

"I still think these people are cheating on my baby." She said with her arms crossed. "My baby always ate everything I made and never complained about anything, now they're saying a 13 year old cooks better than me?"

Thinking about it she became even more suspicious. "Thank goodness they don't know, but I actually carry a drug detector liquid with me at all times, to see if someone tried to drug my baby."

"I only need to pour a single drop of the liquid on the food, if blue smoke comes out, that means the food is contaminated, if nothing comes out, it's because it doesn't have any drugs." She said with a confident smile.

"I didn't even tell them, but my cell phone already had the police number ready to call, they have no idea that I can end their kidnapping scheme at any moment hehe."

[Commentary Ends]

Oli found it a little strange that this woman agreed, as she was always very suspicious and awkward on the show, but thinking that maybe reality was a little different from the show, he put that thought aside and went back to cooking.

"What are you doing?" Carly asked curiously as she reached beside him to look in the pan.

Sam also came quietly and looked curiously at the pot.

The smell of the food and spices that Oli had put in it were already starting to prevail, making the little girl start to salivate.

"Egg Benedict." Oli replied as he placed a slice of cheese on top of the egg and smiled. "But in my way."

Looking at the slice of Bacon that Oli was placing along with the ham between the egg and bread made Sam salivate even more.

"This looks so yummy…" She said as she wiped the dripping saliva from the corner of her mouth and stared at the melted cheese on top of the egg.

"Hehe, it really is." Oli confirmed as he finished and made one more and he put it in a pan on low heat and covered it to keep warm until he finished them all as he would have to make so many and there was no way to make them all at once.

Meanwhile, Daniel walked over to Spencer and whispered in a victorious voice. "Guess who killed General Raam?"

Spencer looked at Daniel shocked and asked in a loud voice. "Did you kill him?!"

Hearing this, Mrs. Bensou looked at them in terror.

[Sra. Benson Commentary]

Looking back and forth across the couch, she spoke low as she panted.

"Damn it, they were talking about killing people?! In fright I almost pressed the cell phone button to call the police!"

After breathing a little she spoke a little calmer. "I'm glad I thought fast and didn't press the button, if they can kill people I better report it to the police when I get home, it's safer."

[Commentary Ends]

"Keep it down Spencer…" Daniel covered Spencer's mouth as he looked at Oli scared.

Luckily Oli was talking to Carly and Sam and didn't hear what Spencer said.

But what Daniel didn't realize was that Mrs. Benson was even more scared when she saw their reaction, being even more sure they were talking about having killed a real person!

Spencer was confused and kept quiet. "Why speak softly?"

Daniel quickly thought of an excuse and said. "Emy is sleeping."

Spencer quickly understood. "But how did you kill General Raam?! I even gave up on killing him after 1 month of trying."

Hearing that, Daniel smiled even wider. "Hehe, I'm pretty good. I only needed 2 minutes to kill him, you know that…"

Pretending that he was the one who had played, Daniel began to describe all the steps that Oli took to kill the Boss, leaving Spencer more and more shocked and excited.

"Damn it, how did you think of that? You've trained a lot!" Spencer said in awe.

"Hehe, it was a lot of practice." Daniel laughed proudly.

Mrs. Benson was even more shocked to see how excited and proud Daniel and Spencer were talking about murdering someone!

Worried, she looked at Freddie and was about to pull his hand for them to get out of there as quickly as possible.

But before she could do that, Oli saw Bella coming down the stairs with Emy still sleepy walking beside her while holding her hand.

"Good morning Princess!" Oli said to Emy while smiling.

Seeing Oli smiling at her, Emy broke into a big smile, until she saw the two girls beside him and her little face froze.

"What are they doing here, Oli?" Emy asked with clear frustration in her voice.

Oli noticed this and reacted. "They came to make sure my Kitchen Princess' cooking was up to standards, right girls?"

Carly and Sam soon looked at each other and quickly understood.

Sam quickly thought of something to say. "Yes, yes, I am the person who knows Bacon the best in all of Seattle, when Oli told me this Bacon was for Kitchen Princess I had to verify that it would really meet royal standards."

Carly also thought fast and said. "I'm here to see if she really knew what she was saying, and with my experience cooking Bacon, I can confirm that she does know about it."

Hearing that the reason they were here was because Oli asked them to check if her food was good, Emy felt a little better, but she still eyed the two girls suspiciously as she walked over to Oli and spoke.

"You don't need to help Big Oli check anymore, Big Oli never made a bad meal, Emy trusts him." She said while holding Oli's pants with one small hand and eyeing the girls suspiciously.

Oli crouched down to her level and stroked the little girl's head. "Thank you for trusting me princess, but I have to guarantee the quality of your meal, after all, my princess can't eat anything but the best!"

With Oli's explanation, and with the patting he was giving her head, Emy finally stopped looking at the girls suspiciously and smiled at Oli as she cradled her head to continue receiving pats.

[Emy's Commentary]

Emy sat on the couch with a big smile on her face.

"Hehe, Oli's affection is the most comfortable, Emy feels very comfortable with affection." She smiled. "And Emy was very happy with Oli worried about what Emy would eat, Oli was always very worried about that when he was with Emy."

Until her smile faded for a suspicious expression to return.

"But Emy still doesn't trust those girls…"

[Commentary Ends]

When Sam and Carly saw that Emy was no longer eyeing them suspiciously, they breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's all ready, let's eat." Oli said as he finished taking the Egg Benedicts out of the pan that kept them warm and placing them on a tray to take to the dinner table.

Seeing that the food was ready, Daniel and Bella also ran to the table because of hunger, as well as Sam and Carly, making Spencer also run, even without quite understanding the reason for such a hurry.

As the table in the room only had 8 seats, Emy was smart and quickly ran to Oli's lap while looking at Sam and Carly with a triumphant expression, making both girls laugh and get a little embarrassed.

Smelling the food and looking at how beautiful these Egg Benedicts were with the melted cheese on top and the bacon oozing from the inside, even Mrs. Benson who had already eaten had to swallow some of the saliva that was accumulating in her mouth.

Glancing at the Egg Benedicts in chock and then looking at Oli, she was even more shocked to see that this little boy Freddie's age had apparently done it all by himself!

'It shouldn't taste as good as it looks, right?' She thought uncertainly not knowing how to think about this.

She didn't want to believe that this little boy had actually made food that could taste as good as it smelled and looked good, to the point that the cooking skills she had cultivated for so many years couldn't even come close to it!

When she finally took the first bite of it, she froze.

[Sra. Benson Commentary]

Mrs. Benson was sitting on the couch as she avoided looking at the camera in embarrassment.

"I was dead wrong."

[Commentary Ends]