Iam.soomaali person.life.mogadisho.benaadir

Author: Daoisty8e58E
Martial Arts
Ongoing · 479 Views
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What is Iam.soomaali person.life.mogadisho.benaadir

Read ‘Iam.soomaali person.life.mogadisho.benaadir’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoisty8e58E, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Helen_Howard_9269 · History
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

Cinta Yang Aku Rindukan

Sejak pertama kali berjumpa dengan gadis yang bernama Shania,pemuda tampan dan gagah itu jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama.Pemuda yang diketahui bernama Syauqi adalah putra bungsu ibu Halimah, yang baru dinikahi oleh pak Amir lima bulan yang lalu.Sedangkan Shania adalah putri ketiga dari pak Amir dan ibu Sari yang telah lama tiada. "Bu,sepertinya putramu menyukai Shania putriku"kata pak Amir kepada istri yang baru saja dinikahinya lima bulan lalu. "Ah masa sih pak?"sahut bu Halimah heran "Coba deh ibu perhatikan,Syauqi selalu memperhatikan Shania secara diam diam" tegas pak Amir kepada ibu Halimah. "Bagaimana kalau kita menikahkan mereka saja pak?Sebagai orang tua seharusnya kita mengalah demi kebahagiaan mereka" usul ibu Halimah kepada suaminya. "Baiklah kalau ibu setuju,bapak memberi talaq tiga kepada ibu mulai hari ini....." Pagi itu pak Amir menjatuhkan talaq tiga kepada istrinya yang bernama bu Halimah, atas persetujuan dirinya,agar Syauqi dan Shania segera menikah.Demi kebahagiaan putra dan putrinya mereka melepaskan ikatan pernikahannya,tanpa adanya drama pertengkaran dan permusuhan diantara keduanya.Mereka memutuskannya tanpa berfikir jauh dan mengalir apa adanya,pak Amir dan ibu Halimah bertekad menjalin persaudaraan dan menjadi besan keluarga. Bagaimanakah kisah cinta antara Shania dan Syauqi? dapatkah mereka menjalani pernikahannya dengan mulus? Apakah yang akan terjadi nanti dengan mereka? Tunggu kelanjutan kisah cinta kedua insan yang saling jatuh cinta ini,pada bab bab berikutnya........ Salam sayang Azzahra071

Azzahra071 · Fantasy
76 Chs

The Architect of Unity

"The Architect of Unity" is an epic tale set across interconnected realms and dimensions, where the threads of unity and innovation intertwine to create an extraordinary journey. The story follows Adrian, a skilled architect, and Tyrell, a curious and extroverted young man. Tragedy strikes when Adrian dies in an accident while working on a project, only to be reborn in another world. Guided by a destiny intertwined with Tyrell's, Adrian brings his architectural knowledge from his previous life and collaborates with Tyrell to rebuild a nation torn by conflict. As they work to unite their world, they discover a dungeon filled with valuable materials. Their explorations take them through treacherous mines and daunting challenges, revealing hidden treasures and ancient secrets. Alongside their architectural endeavors, they also extend their help to neighboring countries in the midst of war. Adrian's expertise and Tyrell's innovative thinking become instrumental in fostering peace and cooperation among warring nations. The narrative unfolds over numerous chapters, each building upon the duo's adventures, their evolving friendship, and the bonds formed through collaboration. As they navigate their world, they encounter Lumina, the Weaver of Destinies, who acknowledges their pivotal role in weaving the tapestry of interconnected destinies. Lumina's guidance underscores the importance of unity and innovation in shaping the fabric of existence. The story culminates in a series of cosmic events—the Celestial Convergence, the Eternal Confluence, and the Cosmic Harmony. These gatherings unite representatives from realms and dimensions beyond mortal comprehension, celebrating the enduring legacy of collaboration. Adrian and Tyrell, now cosmic custodians of unity, stand at the forefront of these gatherings, embodying the principles they have come to represent. As the story unfolds, the tapestry of interconnected destinies transforms from a metaphor to a living force, evolving into a symphony that resonates across time, space, and eternity. The unity forged by Adrian and Tyrell extends beyond their individual lifetimes, shaping the destinies of countless beings and realms. The narrative is a testament to the boundless potential of working together, celebrating differences, and embracing innovation—a symphony that harmonizes the very essence of existence itself.

TakaTaka · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
29 Chs


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