I woke up as the Villainous Empress

Fang Li, the top-ranking archery athlete, faces a devastating betrayal from her closest friend, leading to her fall from the pinnacle of success and transforming her into the most hated athlete. To her misery, she awakens in a setting that proves to be even more bizarre and dire than the initial betrayal, adding another layer of complexity to her already miserable fate. It was none other than the world of the fictional novel. She wasn't the female lead or a supporting character playing the role of a friend who would act as a cupid between the male and female lead. Instead, she becomes the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who will become the most hated and misunderstood villainess in the story, ultimately earning the infamous title of the Villainous Empress. What will happen to her? Will she meet her demise at the hands of the male lead, labeled as the villain and paving the way for the female lead? Or will she manage to alter her miserable fate and find happiness with the male lead, leading to a happily ever after? ___ The man's voice turned cold as he struggled to control his emotions. "So, you're telling me that you don't want to be my wife? Why? Didn't you want this to happen?" As the Crown Prince and future Emperor, Zheng Liang was used to being pursued by nobles and aristocrats who were eager to marry their daughters to him. So why did this woman, who was already engaged to him, want to break it off? He wanted to dissolve this arranged political marriage as well, but he hated it when she brought up this matter. Was she insane, or was she mocking him? Perhaps she had a new scheme to gain his attention. Because there is no way she will want to break off this marriage. She was a power-hungry and scheming woman who would do anything to gain more influence. There was no way she would willingly give up her position as a member of the Royal Family. Yang Ning noticed the man's suspicious and disdainful expression, but she remained polite and answered with a smile, "Your Highness, the reason is simple. I don't want to be a sacrificial lamb." She scowled inwardly, wishing she could just break off the engagement and be done with it. ‘What is his problem? Just break the marriage alliance and be done with it. Didn’t you hate me? Now I am giving you a chance; Just call it off!’ The Crown Prince was confused by her cryptic words. Was she trying to manipulate him by her confusing words? She gave a fake smile, but inside, she was crying. She knew that marrying this man would mean putting her life on the line. Who in their right mind would willingly offer their neck on a silver platter? Not her! She refused to be a villain in someone else's story. Instead, she was determined to take control of her own fate. ## *NO RAPE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING* [Note: All the rights of the cover belong to the author. It is a commissioned art. Anyone copying the art could be held accountable and be reported immediately.] Follow on Instagram: @kamlyn_love Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NTPCE7YZm7

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Someone save her

Fang Li pursed her lips in annoyance to see the young maid crying as if someone had died. She is already going through a nasty hangover, can she please stop crying in front of her like this?

Wait….Since this is not her body, she is not experiencing the devastating hangover, right? But….why is she having such a killing headache?

In addition to the tearing headache, she was feeling as if her head would split in parts because of her screeching crying noise. Here her world is falling apart, and this girl is making things even worse for her by crying so loudly.

She should be the one crying instead. Why do all the unfortunate things always happen to her? WHYY?

" You…Ah….Stop crying. You're so noisy." Fang Li said while holding her head miserably while trying to soothe the headache.

" Miss, what should we do? Looks like you have been possessed by an evil ghost. Otherwise, why would you say that you don't want to become the Empress?"

" Didn't you tell me the other day that even though this marriage is a political arrangement between the elders, you want to do everything to make this marriage a successful one? Because only then the Lord will accept you as his daughter and will treat you like one. Now you're saying that you don't want to become the Empress. Why?" Xiaowei sobbed as she looked at Yang Ning worriedly.

Yang Ning has always yearned for fatherly love. And the only way to get her father's attention is to get married to the crown prince and fulfill his wishes. That's why she was willing to accept this marriage alliance and wanted to do everything she could to make it successful.

Then….why would she say that she doesn't want to get married?

" Argh…Shut up. I will die in pain if you continue to cry like this." Fang Li winced in pain as she grabbed her boulder-like-heavy head.

Marriage! Marriage! Does she look like in a condition to talk about such stuff at the moment?

" Miss!! Are you alright?" Xiaowei was startled to see her lady suddenly groaning in extreme pain and discomfort and tried to figure out what was wrong with her.

" Your head is hurting? Let me massage it for you." She saw her lady's complexion turned pale and immediately went ahead to help her by massaging her temples.

However, it didn't help her in any way and she fell on the ground when she tried to stand up from the bed. She wanted to rush over to the outside to take a deep breath in the fresh air as she cannot breathe properly and was feeling suffocated in the chamber.

However, her legs were too weak to hold her weight since she was bedridden for the last two days and fell on her knees.

" I feel like I am going to die." Fang Li cried miserably while kneeling on the ground and was holding onto her head for her life.

The headache was killing her and her whole life was flashing in front of her eyes as if it were her last moment. The happy moments that she had spent with her family and the excitement that she felt while preparing for the competitions, all those moments were flashing in front of her eyes like a movie.

' Is this the end of hers?' Tears rolled down her cheeks as she couldn't bear this killing headache. Or is she going back to her world? For real?

Everything will do as long as she stays alive. She doesn't want to die so early.

" Miss!! What should I do? What should I do?" Xiaowei panicked to see her lady in such a miserable condition and cried while holding her weak body in her arms.

" Some…Someone, please help me." She cried out but there was no one to hear her pleas. Even though there are many other servants in the household, everyone must be sleeping at the moment.

Since her lady's chamber is far from the main residence of the Mistress and the Lord of the household, there must be no one to hear their cries outside the chamber.

" I can't let milady suffer like this." Xiaowei gritted her teeth and put a pillow on the ground in front of her lady so that she won't hit her head on the ground while struggling to soothe the headache and hurriedly ran outside to call for help.


The young girl ran outside the household to look for the physician in the middle of the night. She couldn't dare to go to the Senior maid to ask for help as she was aware that rather than calling for the physician, she would ask her to pour a bucket of cold water on her lady or let her die in pain.

Because that's what those people were doing for so long. Even though after the engagement with the Crown Prince, the Lord has been treating Yang Ning like a precious treasure, the Mistress of the household who is also her stepmother has become even more cruel in torturing her.

The Mistress hates how Yang Ning is receiving the attention from the Lord and wants to keep her in control by treating her less than a dog.

Xiaowei ran outside to call for help but there was no one who could help her in this dire situation. It was dark and the roads were eerie-silent and empty.

Other than the barking of dogs and the creepy sound of the crickets, she couldn't hear anything else. It was so silent and scary to wander alone on the roads at night.

She was scared to roam outside on the roads in the middle of the night but she had no choice. To save her lady, she will do whatever she can do in her power.


" Master! Master! Please open the door. Master!" Xiaowei stood in front of the small household and banged on the door like a madwoman. It was past midnight and everyone must be sleeping but she could not stand on formalities as her lady's life was in danger.

She sobbed loudly while calling out to the owner of the house and kept banging on the door until it finally opened.

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHO ARE YOU TO BANG ON MY DOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?" The man who finally opened the door from inside was annoyed and couldn't bear the cries of the girl who kept banging on his front door.

The young maid cried and knelt in front of the man and pleaded, " Master, Please help me. My lady is in so much pain. If this continues, she will die like this. Please help her. Please!" She cried helplessly and begged him to save her lady.

Only this man can save her. He is the only physician in the area who treats the local people in the capital city, otherwise, the other few physicians in the capital all serve the Royal family at the palace.

In the capital, there are only a handful of people who work as physicians and save people's lives. However, most of them work at the royal court and are part of the Imperial Medicine Department which treats the Royal family and the nobles and aristocrats in the capital city.

Since her lady belongs to an aristocratic family and will soon become the royalty, she was supposed to be treated by the Imperial Physician. But she cannot dare to go and find the imperial physician to treat her lady.

She was afraid that after the Lord found out about this action of hers, her Lady would be punished instead of hers. Not only that, she can never know how the rumors will affect her lady's life in the future. What if she is really possessed by an evil ghost?

The imperial physician will immediately plead to the Emperor to exile her to the mountains as a girl like her cannot become the Empress of the country.

That's why she had no choice but to come here as this place was closest to the household and she had no time to go anywhere else to look for help.


" Your lady? Who is she?" The man asked in a cold voice. He was already annoyed that this stupid girl disturbed him in the middle of the night but he cannot ignore her.

Especially if the lady this girl is talking about belongs to the noble family, he will be in great trouble if he ignores her plea and something unfortunate happens to her because of that.

Xiaowei's lips quivered as she tried to speak but her voice wasn't coming out because of her crying and shock. Her face was covered in tears and her hands were trembling in fear.

The man grew impatient and asked again coldly, " Hurry up and tell me from which family your lady belongs. If you don't speak now, I am going inside to sleep. I don't have the whole night to stand here and hear your cries." He snapped in irritation.

Seeing how the maid was wearing dull and ragged clothes, her lady doesn't seem to belong to the noble family. The master's rank can be figured out by their servant's clothes and seeing this young girl, it doesn't seem that her lady is any significant person.

" I….She…" The young girl flinched in fear upon hearing the man's harsh words and felt her throat choking even more. She clenched her fists and took a deep breath to control her emotions to answer his question. However, before she could say anything, she heard another man's voice from behind.

" Is it that important? Aren't you a Doctor?" The cold and manly voice could be heard, disrupting the conversation between the physician and Xiaowei.

I wonder who is he? Hmm? *Blush*Blush*

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