I woke up as the Villainous Empress

Fang Li, the top-ranking archery athlete, faces a devastating betrayal from her closest friend, leading to her fall from the pinnacle of success and transforming her into the most hated athlete. To her misery, she awakens in a setting that proves to be even more bizarre and dire than the initial betrayal, adding another layer of complexity to her already miserable fate. It was none other than the world of the fictional novel. She wasn't the female lead or a supporting character playing the role of a friend who would act as a cupid between the male and female lead. Instead, she becomes the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who will become the most hated and misunderstood villainess in the story, ultimately earning the infamous title of the Villainous Empress. What will happen to her? Will she meet her demise at the hands of the male lead, labeled as the villain and paving the way for the female lead? Or will she manage to alter her miserable fate and find happiness with the male lead, leading to a happily ever after? ___ The man's voice turned cold as he struggled to control his emotions. "So, you're telling me that you don't want to be my wife? Why? Didn't you want this to happen?" As the Crown Prince and future Emperor, Zheng Liang was used to being pursued by nobles and aristocrats who were eager to marry their daughters to him. So why did this woman, who was already engaged to him, want to break it off? He wanted to dissolve this arranged political marriage as well, but he hated it when she brought up this matter. Was she insane, or was she mocking him? Perhaps she had a new scheme to gain his attention. Because there is no way she will want to break off this marriage. She was a power-hungry and scheming woman who would do anything to gain more influence. There was no way she would willingly give up her position as a member of the Royal Family. Yang Ning noticed the man's suspicious and disdainful expression, but she remained polite and answered with a smile, "Your Highness, the reason is simple. I don't want to be a sacrificial lamb." She scowled inwardly, wishing she could just break off the engagement and be done with it. ‘What is his problem? Just break the marriage alliance and be done with it. Didn’t you hate me? Now I am giving you a chance; Just call it off!’ The Crown Prince was confused by her cryptic words. Was she trying to manipulate him by her confusing words? She gave a fake smile, but inside, she was crying. She knew that marrying this man would mean putting her life on the line. Who in their right mind would willingly offer their neck on a silver platter? Not her! She refused to be a villain in someone else's story. Instead, she was determined to take control of her own fate. ## *NO RAPE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING* [Note: All the rights of the cover belong to the author. It is a commissioned art. Anyone copying the art could be held accountable and be reported immediately.] Follow on Instagram: @kamlyn_love Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NTPCE7YZm7

Kamlyn · Fantasy
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"Arghh….this damn hangover…" the girl groaned in pain as she clenched her teeth and reached out to hold her head that was feeling as if it would soon tear apart in pieces.

Although it was not her first time experiencing such a devastating hangover, she can swear on her life that it's worse than any other hangovers that she had experienced in the past.

She feels like dying, really!

Her head was spinning so badly that even with her eyes closed, she was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Her whole body was feeling weak and throbbing in pain that it was difficult to even lift her fingers at the moment.

" I will be a cockroach in my next life if I touch alcohol again." She cursed under her breath as she massaged her temples to soothe the pain.

Damn! How much did she drink last night that she doesn't even have a bit of strength in her body? Her whole body was feeling as heavy as a boulder.

After massaging her temples and taking ample deep breaths, she finally opened her eyes. Although she struggled to gain her consciousness at first and open her heavy-lidded eyes, she finally became successful in completing the said mission.

" Hah!" The girl panted heavily as she opened her eyes and blinked a few times to adjust her eyes to the lighting in the room. " Oh? Am I hallucinating?"

"This….this is not my room."

The girl was confused as rather than the dull-white ceiling of her room, what came to her sight was the ceiling made of red sandstone that was arranged and carved beautifully making a unique pattern and there was a large-beautiful chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

Has she still not woken up yet? She wondered. There have been many instances in the past where she thought she had woken up and gone to the toilet, but in reality, she was still deeply asleep in her bed and all the build-up was just a dream.

Although those kinds of shameful dreams, or more like nightmares, used to occur when she was young. But who knows? The devil might have decided to appear again.

It might be the after-effects of the alcohol.

However, she needs to wake up from this bizarre dream of hers so as to not wet her bed once again like she used to do when she was young. That would be the epitome of embarrassment if she did that.

'Damn, This alcohol.' She cursed again inwardly while imagining the worst kind of scenario. Her life is already embarrassing enough, she doesn't want to add up to this humiliation even more.

" Ah? But I can't… seem to wake up from this dream." She was at a loss as despite slapping her face a few times and moving her body violently, she couldn't seem to wake up from this real-life dream.

Despite her struggles, she was still in the room that wasn't hers.

" Is…this what sleep paralysis is? Is that what it feels like?" She wondered if this is what it feels like to have sleep paralysis. She is awake but not exactly. Everything feels like a dream yet so real.

She had heard about this condition but never experienced it even once in her lifetime. However, she was not sure if this feeling is the feeling of sleep paralysis or something else. Why does it feel as if she is trapped in a bizarre dream?

Everything looks like a period drama setup. Strange and ancient.

To wake up from this stupid dream, she gathered all of the remaining energy in her body to help her body to sit up on the bed. " Let's not be lazy and wake up from this dream." She decided and pinched herself hard enough to almost cry out loud.

" MISS!! MISS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? " While she was slapping herself to wake herself from this dream, she heard a screeching voice that startled her and she almost jumped out of the bed in reflex.


The young maid who returned after changing the cold water of the basin was caught off guard when she noticed Yang Ning who was still unconscious when she left the chamber earlier, had finally woken up and was sitting on the bed.

She let out a sigh in relief upon seeing her awake from a long sleep. Her Miss has finally woken up. This way she can not only attend the banquet tomorrow but also will not be reprimanded by the Mistress for skipping such an important event.

However, before she could be relaxed, she was shaken to see the scene unfolding in front of her. Yang Ning, who was looking fine a minute ago, suddenly started to slap herself on the face and was shaking her head violently.

The basin of cold water that she was holding fell on the floor with a loud thud and the cold water spattered all over the floor as she ran toward Yang Ning to stop her from hitting herself like a madwoman.

" MISS…MISS...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?" The young maid was shaken in confusion and fear as she grabbed both of her wrists to stop her from hurting herself.

' What's wrong with her? Has her Miss been possessed by an evil spirit?' The young maid was looking at her lady in pure horror. There is a rumor in the capital that many maiden girls are being possessed by an evil-male spirit who starts to torture themselves as if it's not their bodies until they're soaked in blood.

If it is true, then the shaman will be called and she will have to go through the torturous rituals for the evil spirit to leave her body. Not only that, if people find out about it, there are high chances that she might be kicked out of the village with nothing but to wander in the mountains alone.

How scary.

' What to do? My lady is so miserable. Who will marry her now after this?' The young maid was not only scared to her wits but was also worried about her lady as well.

' What…do I do? Should I go and call the shaman or the physician?' She wondered as she tightly held onto her lady's hand to stop her from torturing herself. She cannot call the physician since the senior maid won't allow her to do so and she cannot dare to call the shaman because she cannot afford for the rumours to be spread among the public.

This will only make the condition of her lady worse. Never!!


While Xiaowei was worrying about her lady, Fang Li was lost and was confused about this whole situation. This girl's touch….why does it feel so real? She wondered as she stared at her hand that was caught by the maid.

" Who…Who are you? How did you come into my dream?" She asked in a daze as she stared at the young girl who was wearing strange clothes.

It was her first time meeting someone in her dream who is not wearing normal clothes but was dressed in a period drama outfit. Wait….Is she…Is she dreaming about the historical drama that she had watched a few days ago?

Damn! How thrilling!! This way she can lead the story and will become the main lead of this imaginary drama whose control will be in her hands.

"Miss, did you lose your memory because of the high fever? Huh?"

" How can you not recognise me? I am Xiaowei. Your personal maid." The young girl said and sobbed without tears as she caressed her lady's sickly face, feeling bad for her. How can she forget her? She is her maid, who has been following her around since young and has always been by her side.

She is so young and hasn't even gotten married yet and already lost her mind because of the high fever. If she had protested against the senior maid and called for the physician to treat her Miss earlier, her condition wouldn't have gotten worse like this.

" You….why are you suddenly crying? And who said I lost my memory? I remember every fuck*ng scene of my life perfectly!" She said dramatically while making an 'obvious' hand gesture.

"You're the one invading my dream and making me feel bad for something that I haven't even committed." Fang Li said while removing the young maid's hand from her face. Why is she making her guilty for something she hasn't even done?

'Why the HELL everyone is so adamant to prove her guilty of something she hasn't even committed? JUST WHYY?'

Xiaowei bit her lower lip as she controlled herself from crying out loud. Her Miss….she has gone INSANE. She is not only speaking rubbish but also not recognising her. What will happen to her now?

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"Xiaowei, Shaman will be useless in this case. Your lady's fate is in my hands." - Kamlyn. *Hysterical-Evil Laugh*

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