26 Cultivating Tao Te Ching  

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After successfully mastering the Golden Light Mantra, Zhao Hao lost all his interest in the Scripture Depository of Mount Longhu.

After asking the current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, Zhang Zhiwei, if he could leave, he got his approval and left Mount Longhu happily in Bai Bing's private car.

After all, he had shattered their Patriarch's statue last night. Zhao Hao was really afraid that the old Taoist priest would not be able to hold himself back from killing him with a snap.

On the other hand, when Zhao Hao was leaving, Zhang Zhiwei looked at his back and felt really puzzled. He really could not figure out why this kid only learned the Golden Light Mantra in the entire collection on Mount Longhu before leaving.

"Zhao Hao, do you want to join our squad? You're very strong, so you should contribute more to our country." Bai Bing said to Zhao Hao as she drove.

Zhao Hao's performance last night had been too eye-catching. His ability to subdue tens of thousands of supernatural being and his powerful physique had undoubtedly proved that Zhao Hao was a very powerful superpowered person.

However, since his level as a superpowered person had not been assessed, so they did not know how exactly strong he was yet.

"Uh… It's not impossible for me to join you, but you have to give me a week. I still need to take care of some things. It's very urgent." Zhao Hao knew that ever since he had revealed his abilities last night, the government would definitely think of ways to get him to join.

Instead of letting them bother him again and again in the future, he might as well agree first. After all, he still had six days before he transmigrated. He had no problem with doing whatever as long as no one would disturb his collection of Red Cultivation Talents in these six days.

Hearing Zhao Hao's reply, Bai Bing was definitely overjoyed. She had thought that it would take a lot of effort to get Zhao Hao to join the Supernatural Special Forces Squad. She had not expected that Zhao Hao would agree to it after she had only mentioned it once, much less that he did not ask for anything in return.

Usually, even the government would have to provide a highly powerful superpowered person with a great deal of benefits to get them to join the squad. However, Zhao Hao only asked for a week to settle some personal matters.

It was very reasonable. After all, once he joined the supernatural squad, nobody knew what he would face in the future. It was totally okay for them to deal with their personal matters first.

"Alright, you have my phone number. If you need any help, feel free to give me a call. I'll pick you up in seven days and bring you to the headquarters of our supernatural squad." Bai Bing gave him a sweet smile. Obviously, she was very satisfied with Zhao Hao's attitude.

"Okay. Please send me to the hotel. I need a good rest." Zhao Hao just nodded and closed his eyes to rest. In fact, Zhao Hao suddenly thought that since he could pick up the Golden Light Mantra in this world, it meant that he could cultivate the Tao Te Ching in this world too.

He had not been able to learn the Bloody River Scripture previously only because he did not have certain cultivation talents. Now that he had extracted the Descendant of Taoist Trinity and the other two Red Cultivation Talents, he did not have to wait any further.

Therefore, Zhao Hao just sat in the car seat and began to flip through the Tao Te Ching in his mind. It was different from last time when he tried to study the Bloody River Scripture. At that time, he could not understand anything at all. Now when Zhao Hao turned to the cultivation chapter in Tao Te Ching, the Taoist patterns seemed to come to live. They kept flying and spinning in Zhao Hao's mind.

Soon, Bai Bing drove the car to a star-rated hotel near Mount Longhu. She gave Zhao Hao a card, saying that his subsidy was in it, and then left in a carefree manner.

She was not worried at all that Zhao Hao would go back on his word or that he would not join the supernatural squad when the time came.

As long as Zhao Hao was still alive then and as long as he was still in the country, Bai Bing was confident that she could find him, no matter where he was.

Zhao Hao did not think too much about it. He quickly opened the room and entered. After locking the door, he sat cross-legged on the floor.

There was nothing else he could do. At this moment, Zhao Hao's blood was surging, and his spiritual energy was stirred. If he still did not control it, even he himself did not know what would happen.

Zhao Hao sat cross-legged on the floor. His mind automatically circulated the Tao Te Ching. The surging spiritual energy in his body also gradually calmed down and began to circulate through his entire body.

"Boom…" A booming sound rang in his mind. The spiritual energy in Zhao Hao's body erupted. In that instant, he entered the first stage of cultivation, the Qi Cultivation stage.

However, that was not all.

Zhao Hao, who sat cross-legged on the floor, continued to rapidly circulate the Tao Te Ching.

The spiritual energy in the world outside Zhao Hao's body began to rush into his body like crazy.

Although the spiritual energy in the current world was relatively thin, under the powerful effect of the Tao Te Ching, Zhao Hao absorbing was still all the spiritual energy in the vicinity like a whale swallowing its preys.

On Mount Longhu, Zhang Tongxuan had not yet returned to his Cave Estate. Instead, he was in the deepest part of the forbidden land, looking at a crooked jujube tree.

This jujube tree was very strange. Its entire branch had completely withered and had no vitality at all. However, at the top of this jujube tree, there was a big red jujube, emitting a faint light.

This was the place where the spiritual energy was the densest in the entire Mount Longhu. This jujube tree was also the legacy treasure of Mount Longhu, called the "Fire Jujube".

"Whew… Alright, alright. The Fire Jujube that only ripens once every 333 years is finally going to mature. I think the opportunity for me to break through to the Demigod stage is almost here…"

The primary reason why Zhang Tongxuan woke up from his closed-door cultivation was the ripening of this Fire Jujube. Being attracted by Zhao Hao's Salvation of Mankind Scripture was just a secondary reason.

At this moment, the Fire Jujube was about to mature. It was a treasure that could enable a cultivator who was at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage to break through to the Demigod stage. Of course, Zhang Tongxuan had to stay here.

"Hmm, it looks like the Fire Jujube will mature in two days. When I've advanced to the Demigod stage, I'll definitely study that kid. I have a feeling that there's something strange about him…"

Zhang Tongxuan smiled as he looked at the big jujube. He was in an extremely good mood.

However, the next moment, a huge suction force instantly descended on Mount Longhu. All the thin spiritual energy in the entire Mount Longhu disappeared in an instant.

Zhang Tongxuan's eyes widened, but he realized that he was clearly one step too late to make a move.


A cry of pain came out of him.

At that instant, the brightly colored Fire Jujube withered, and all the vitality and spiritual energy contained in it disappeared.

"Who… Who did this…"

A human figure soared into the sky above Mount Longhu, and an incredibly powerful aura spread out in all directions. All the pedestrians on Mount Longhu were frightened by this terrifying aura and fell on the road.

Even those Taoist priests with exceptional Cultivation Bases on Mount Longhu were not able to withstand it.

Zhang Tongxuan sent out his divine sense and instantly checked out the area within a hundred miles of Mount Longhu.

However, he did not detect a single trace of the spiritual energy. This was because all the spiritual energy within a hundred miles of Mount Longhu had been sucked dry. It was impossible to find it.

"Oh, my dear ancestor… Please quickly keep your aura in check… If you keep going on like this, Mount Longhu will be doomed…" Just then, a voice came from below. It was the current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, Zhang Zhiwei.

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