63 63: A sudden confession

"Stop dragging me around like that. You know you are being rude so stop it."

Sorias felt irritated as that small and young human dragged her around as she pleased. Even Elysia did not behave with him like that and she was his contractor. 

The audacity of this small human baffled him a lot.

"Ah, I am sorry if my behavior upsets you but I could not just help it. After all, Lord Sorias refuses to pay attention to me otherwise."

"Have you thought that it's because I don't like you? And you acting like this is not helping you improve your impression."

Sorias pulled his arm out of Lady White's hands. Or, at least he attempted to but the lady kept holding on to his arm.

Her eyes were narrowed and piercing as they looked at Sorias. They were clear and strong as well which made him turn his head to the side.


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