I Will Live A Better Life!

A man dies and reincarnates into another world. Grasping the emotions left from his past life, he yearns for a better life. However, the world isn't as simple as it seems. "Curses?!" "Demons..?" "Magic..!" "Another world..?!" It seems like his newly-granted life will be wrought with troubles. ***** The starting point will be a mixed anime world that includes several slice-of-life as well as supernatural worlds. MC's cheat is not a system. The story will not be fast-paced. For his appearance, he looks similar to Galahad of Fate/Grand Order. Mix Worlds: Jujutsu Kaisen | Otherworld's Magic is Too Far Behind! | Bocchi The Rock! | Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Other Worlds: Familiar of Zero | Danmachi | Fate/Grand Order | Fate/Apocrypha Chapter 1-14: Mix Worlds Chapter 15 - 98: Danmachi Chapter 99 - 115: Fate Grand Order Chapter 116 - 136: Mix Worlds Chapter 137 - Latest: Fate/ Apocrypha Advanced chapters: Pa****n.com/IdleYoungMaster PS: The list of worlds will be updated as the story proceeds. Also, updates will be one chapter / day during my summer vacation. If you are interested for potential worlds MC would travel, feel free to take a look at the extra chapter. (Cover art not mine. Source: https://www.zerochan.net/2247928)

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Chapter 155: Grand Plan

During the past two weeks, Jeanne had been silently observing.

For once, she trusted the person whom her [revelation] told her to do so. As such, she hasn't done any major participation during the war, with her being tacitly allowing everything to happen. Since there aren't any dangers that posed a threat to the common populace, her existence was nearly forgotten during the war.

She only served as the "spectator" of Nobu's "incomprehensible" actions until the time came when he visited to [Heaven]. It wasn't only Amakusa Shirou who noticed his abnormality; she felt its full sensation when she saw his "return".

That was the moment she knew about the "role" bestowed upon Nobu—something so heavy that he got to meet Him personally.

Nevertheless, her belief of not interacting with this world's present era remained. She was ready to say her farewells to her fellow Ruler-class heroic spirit, but she didn't expect to face this proposition.

"...how about permanently manifesting as a heroic spirit?"


"Well, it's not a "manifestation" per se. It'll be similar to becoming human again. In other words, you will be reborn once again." Nobu explained. "It's also up to you whether to stay in this world or follow me to my world—another world that exists outside [this world]."


Nobu's explanation came out of the blue. She technically only spoke with him in two occurrences, their first meeting in the fortress and his return from [Heaven]. It wasn't wrong to say that she was bewildered by his offer. 


"Another world..?"

"Did He… I apologize, this one's my fault." Nobu replied to her murmurs. "I forgot to tell you about this important matter. Actually, I came from another world."


For a while, Jeanne couldn't do anything but to remain silent.

"In my world, we are currently fighting against [The End]. You may think of it as physical manifestations of [The End] that us humans think of."

Nobu explained the basic mechanisms found in his world. He tried not to burden her choice by hiding several facts… such as what happens when their world loses.

"So, everything's up to your will, Miss Jeanne. You may also choose not to mind the two options that I gave to you. You may freely return to the Throne of Heroes."


Jeanne's [Revelation] was silent. She didn't receive much feedback from it, implying that He left everything to her will—she is free to choose on what she wanted to do. All she got was the revelations of Nobu's explanations being "truthful".

"The reason you came to this world…"

"That is to have the necessary power to fight against it. Everything that I hold dear is present in my world. I wouldn't let it fall like that."

"Is that so…"

To return to the Throne of Heroes.

To remain in this world.

To follow him back to his world.

These were the choices presented to her. With her power, it is enough to make a difference in either case. 


'He did not mention the negative implications of your choices, Saint.'

A voice rang from her mind. It came from the possessor of the body she was currently into, Laeticia.


'We should be fine even if you leave us. That was your original plan, wasn't it?'

In the first place, Jeanne was only borrowing Laeticia's body when she descended as this war's Ruler. She originally planned to return to the Throne of Heroes after everything was over.

Thus, it could be said that…

'If you want to follow him, I suggest you do so, Saint.'

'...Thank you.'

In the end, Laeticia's words pushed Jeanne to make a choice.

"I will follow you."


In the vast void.

A magician remained seated. Most of the time, he remained alone within his [space]. As the [Zelretch] of the parallel worlds favored by Alaya, she didn't have the company of Dead Apostle Ancestors. 

It is completely unlike the other [Zelretch] who has someone to talk with every now and then.

"Really… It's my first time receiving a gift out of nowhere."


His [Operation of Adjacent Worlds] began working. He could see the new possibilities brought out by the new [Branch Line] as it was exposed to the [tree] once more.

As the one presiding over countless parallel worlds, he knew many things that others didn't. One of them is the [Fundamental Law of Conservation] employed underneath the concept of [Quantum Time Lock].

In a nutshell, [The World] culls down unnecessary parallel worlds so as to conserve energy. If that mechanism wasn't in place, their world might only last for another hundred years or so before collapsing.

As such, this huge [tree] overseen by a [gardener] has been nearly the same for several thousand years.

That is, until, the Abrahamic God made a huge move today.

"Freezing an entire branch of parallel worlds… and waiting until one of them reaches a satisfactory route. Was it a part of your plan..?"

Although magicians have defied the fundamental laws of the world, there are still existences strong enough outside them. One of them is the Abrahamic God whose existence itself is centered on an extremely strong concept of [Religion].

While His power is not enough to single-handedly affect the [entire world], it is definitely enough to affect an entire [Trunk (Primary Branch)] of parallel worlds.

One of these primary branches is the [Apocrypha], whereas it is the only place for a Great Grail War to occur.

By retaining a [Trunk] to that state, an entry point for the otherworlder would remain open at all times, allowing him to bring forth changes unseen by the world.

"If the world doesn't have any defining outcomes, it wouldn't be affected by the time band's correction. Once it welcomes a variable from another world…"

For a moment, Zelretch saw His grand plan more clearly. It entailed fooling the world itself, all the whilst conforming to its laws on the surface.

"Was this a coincidence..? To bring hope to something whose dreams are becoming out of reach…"

A new entry was written to Zelretch's observational book.



"Something's wrong?"

"Nah. Not with me." Mordred replied. "Him."

After the war had concluded, Mordred chose to stick with her Master. They are currently on a plane going to Japan at this moment.

"He went back to how he was before… At least that's how he looked."

When she met with Nobu again, she felt something different. It was as if she was looking to his former self. He became detached from the concept of a normal human.

That was why she was surprised to see a Galahad who looked far more human than before. However, Mordred saw a bit of his past tendency appear when they met for the second time.

"He said something about returning to his world. He might've gone to another world altogether."


Hearing this revelation, Kairi was stunned.

'Another world… Can magecraft really do that?'

Due to a lack of knowledge, Kairi didn't know the significance of being able to travel into another world.

As such, he could shrug off his surprise soon enough.

"You didn't want to go with him?" He asked.


During their conversation, Morded came to know about the "King" present in his world as well as her "counterpart".

'I can't face her like this.' She thought. 'It'll be just like before.'

Mordred was aware that history might repeat itself for as long as she doesn't undergo any changes. If she couldn't even completely understand Kairi's interpretation of King Arthur's perspective, what would happen if she meets her again?

At worst, it'd be simply an extension of their fight.

"That bloke… I hope he doesn't repeat his history. Sacrificing himself without thinking of others… tsk."

A sense of annoyance remained with Mordred throughout the entire flight.


The sensation of being sucked into something.

That was how it felt to travel between worlds. My body felt as if it had gotten to a free-fall. But, the momentum stopped as I "felt" the ground.

When I saw my surroundings, it felt like that sensation was nothing but a lie.

"You're back. It really took a blink."

Melusine's familiar voice came from behind. I vaguely sensed the amount of time that passed here.

"A few hours… Don't tell me you remained here at all times."



She is the incarnation of the White Dragon. Standing still for quite a few hours shouldn't be a problem, yet why do I…


One of my memories clicked. It has been a few days since I sorted the memories I received through His omniscience. It was an overwhelming load at that time, but I managed to sort everything to my [Mind Palace]. Everything might not click in an instant, but I'll remember it at some point.

In a sense, omniscience gave me all the knowledge of every parallel world present in that world. That included the [Lostbelts] in which Melusine hailed from. It is precisely the reason why it was such an overwhelming load to my mind.

Most of those possibilities told a story of her as a tragic girl attached to someone who doesn't even treat her as a [person], but as a [tool].

She was used to standing outside for several hours, be it during daytime, nighttime, or even if it's raining.

For a moment, she looked just like the girl I saw through my omniscience.

"You shouldn't remain standing next time. You can spend your time freely even if I'm gone…like playing console games."

"Ah, that. It's stale without you."

"Well, you're still aiming for that win?"


We remained silent for a while before Melusine took the initiative to speak.

"You came back with another person."

"Oh, Miss Jeanne. She's… sick from this travel."

At the moment, Miss Jeanne was supposed to stay in her temporary servant form. That is to prevent the 'motion sickness' that comes with traveling to another world.

'I make a wish to the grail…'

Reciting these keywords, a familiar line of thought popped up in my mind.

'Miracle: To remove Jeanne d'Arc's travel sickness'

'Purpose: To make her comfortable'



Without hesitation, I made this small wish to the grail. Nothing visible happened on the surface, but I saw its effects soon enough.

"Mister Galahad… Was it you?"

A blonde-haired girl manifested out of golden particles. Her long hair was tied into a braid as she wore a set of armor.

"Traveling through worlds made me dizzy. I apologize if I couldn't come out earlier."

"It's fine. There's no need to apologize."

Just as Miss Jeanne appeared, I could already see the question marks in Melusine's eyes.

"It'll be quite a long story."


"Greetings, young miss." 

Miss Jeanne greeted her politely.

"Um. Hello… Miss."

An awkward air appeared within the two. It is the result of letting an introvert meet with a stranger. I know this scene all too well…

"For now, how about I tour you around this airship, Miss Jeanne? I can also tell our story with Melusine."

"I agree… This will be the front against your world's enemy, no?"

"Yes. It has a function that'll transport someone to any place around the world instantly. In a sense, this is our headquarters."

A long talk had ensued between the three of us.