I Will Kill The Author

"In this world, morality is but a thin line away from depravity, and the most captivating tales are often shrouded behind the veil of insanity." ____________________ I was just an ordinary guy, living a dull and unremarkable life as an editor. But when a maniac author killed me for rejecting his novel in a writing competition, I reopened my eyes in a modern fantasy world. "Hmm? Wait, this world…." But fate, being a prude little bitch, played a twisted joke on me. I reincarnated into the very same novel that I rejected for the competition award, written by the very same author who killed me for it. Not only that, but I transmigrated into the body of a disowned noble named Lucas Morningstar. Lucas was a minor antagonist in a novel who served as a stepping stone for the protagonist and their allies. Arghh…. Of all the people, I just had to be reborn as someone who was despised by the main characters the most at this point in the story? B-But hey, with my knowledge of the future and understanding of the main characters, I can at least live an easy life! Right...? "Yeah, I can work with this!" Or so I thought until I remembered the ending arcs of the book. This world is destined for doom! And not so long after, I started to realize that the novel and the world I transmigrated into might not be as similar as I had originally thought…. ================= [Disclaimer: Caution while reading is advised. Tighten your seatbelts and brace yourself for a bumpy roller coaster-like journey. Don't blame the Author if you fall from your seat while reading a plot twist. Thank you.] ____________________ AN: MC is NOT a villain, so don't expect one. *The MC will seem a little bit (ok let's be honest, more than a little bit) foolish in the first 30-35 chaps but don't be fooled. I ask you to read the first 50 chapters before deciding to trash-talk the MC because that's where his borderline psychopathic strategist personality starts to surface. ____________________ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yDaXN4re ____________________ Tapestry

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Unfair Demand

The male government emissary jumped up from his seat and slammed his hands on the table.

He pointed a finger at the man who had just barged in and started shouting, "Leo Kurogami! You can't walk in here just like– Gurgh!"

However, amidst shouting, he choked on his words. Suddenly, his face grew blue, and he grabbed his throat, his mouth agape as he tried to breathe, but it looked like he was suffocating.

Probably because he was indeed suffocating. As soon as he entered the hall, Leo had unleashed the full force of his crushing bloodlust on this man named Reynard.

The man scratched his throat in agony until drawing blood, barely uttering comprehensive squeals. "L-Leo… St-op… please… I… can't… breathe!"

He crumpled forward, his head collapsing on the table as his body convulsed, begging for air.

The other government official named Cassy rose from her seat, her eyes widened.