334 Peace

Opening his eyes, the first thing that Lucas saw was the intricately designed beautiful ceiling which he had grown familiar with over the span of the past few days.

Involuntarily, a deep somber sigh escaped Lucas' lips. He wanted to see the King of Gods to get answers to his questions, but all he got was a jumbled mess in return.

Still, at least, Lucas was certain about one thing. It was that the last answer that Joe gave him was indeed true.

He was willing to bet on it.

"I guess it's settled then," the silver-haired boy let out another sigh.

He often wondered what he was going to do after graduating from the Academy. By then, the War of Union was going to start, but he was unwilling to participate in such a long war from the start.

He had two options – He could either join the Northern Defence Force or he could enlist in the Space Defence Force.


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