335 Clash Of The Morningstars [1]

His words of defiance were akin to a declaration of war, both for and against Yelena.

She clenched her teeth and glanced back at Lucas, who was now clad in resplendent golden and red armor, shimmering brilliantly under the evening sun's radiance.

"So be it," she muttered and rushed toward Lucas. "If you won't tell me willingly, I'll just have to resort to force."

Lucas remained unfazed by the approaching threat as he summoned his gleaming crimson spear.

"Nice strategy," he remarked as he rushed toward the approaching silver-haired elf. "But I don't think you'll be able to force me."

As soon as the silver-haired siblings entered striking range, they swung their weapons at each other.


Lucas expertly blocked Yelena's longsword which was enveloped in an azure glow, causing her to grit her teeth and say, "Your arrogance has grown too much! Remember that you are in the presence of a Queen!"


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