323 Brave Oath

I found myself standing in the midst of a vast underground chamber, its walls constructed from sturdy stone.

Medieval-style torches were securely affixed to the walls, lit up with eerie blue flames that were casting a ghostly glow upon the underground sanctuary.

At the far end of the stone chamber, I saw a colossal throne, seemingly sculpted from a single, giant slab of an ivory rock.

The white splat of the ivory throne ended in the shape of a wolf's maw, two fiery red rubies were embedded in place of its eyes, radiating a bright crimson glow.

In the ghostly glow being emitted by the eerie blue flames, I could vividly see moss and grass sporadically spread across the stone ground.

Right before us, just a few meters away from the ivory throne, was a large marble basin pool. In the center of its calm waters, a giant wolf's skull rested.

The condition of this underground sanctuary led me to suspect that I was inside of an ancient structure.


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