305 Binding

I went ahead and entered the mansion first. I had a few recollections of this place, so I knew where I was going.

More than memories, it felt like I was driven by instincts. I knew just where to go even though technically I had never been here.

As I headed to my room, I passed several whispering and gossiping butlers and servants along the way.

Naturally, all of them were confused. 

Some even wanted to stop me and ask me to get out of here before their lords returned, but none of them dared to carry on with their foolish thoughts.

After ascending a spiral staircase and walking down a uselessly long, lavish hall, I arrived in front of a particular room.

Taking a deep breath, I twisted the doorknob and swung open the door, entering the room.

It was a huge room, almost twice as big as my current dormitory apartment in the Global City.

Opulent and luxuriant were the two words that popped into my head at the first sight of my room. 


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