I Will Kill The Author

"In this world, morality is but a thin line away from depravity, and the most captivating tales are often shrouded behind the veil of insanity." ____________________ I was just an ordinary guy, living a dull and unremarkable life as an editor. But when a maniac author killed me for rejecting his novel in a writing competition, I reopened my eyes in a modern fantasy world. "Hmm? Wait, this world…." But fate, being a prude little bitch, played a twisted joke on me. I reincarnated into the very same novel that I rejected for the competition award, written by the very same author who killed me for it. Not only that, but I transmigrated into the body of a disowned noble named Lucas Morningstar. Lucas was a minor antagonist in a novel who served as a stepping stone for the protagonist and their allies. Arghh…. Of all the people, I just had to be reborn as someone who was despised by the main characters the most at this point in the story? B-But hey, with my knowledge of the future and understanding of the main characters, I can at least live an easy life! Right...? "Yeah, I can work with this!" Or so I thought until I remembered the ending arcs of the book. This world is destined for doom! And not so long after, I started to realize that the novel and the world I transmigrated into might not be as similar as I had originally thought…. ================= [Disclaimer: Caution while reading is advised. Tighten your seatbelts and brace yourself for a bumpy roller coaster-like journey. Don't blame the Author if you fall from your seat while reading a plot twist. Thank you.] ____________________ AN: MC is NOT a villain, so don't expect one. *The MC will seem a little bit (ok let's be honest, more than a little bit) foolish in the first 30-35 chaps but don't be fooled. I ask you to read the first 50 chapters before deciding to trash-talk the MC because that's where his borderline psychopathic strategist personality starts to surface. ____________________ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yDaXN4re ____________________ Tapestry

Night_Crawler619 · Fantasy
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Bar Fight [4]

The group of misfits approached us, the muscular young man among them coming face-to-face with Amelia. 

Instead of stepping back, Amelia clenched her teeth and stepped forward, locking her gaze with the imposing young man. 

I could swear I almost saw the sparks crackle in the air between them where their gazes met.

A palpable tension hung in the air, accompanied by an unsettling yet fragile silence that felt like a delicate piece of glass, moments away from shattering. 

Surprisingly, it wasn't the black-haired archeress or the imposing bald young man who broke the silence first.

Instead, it was a slender silver-haired boy standing behind the muscular one. 

He pointed a trembling finger in my direction and yelled, his voice filled with accusation:

"You! It's you!"

I arched an eyebrow and tilted my head slightly, glaring back at the silver-haired boy.