I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero

Cyd, a normal man wants to live a normal life without any troubles. But he didn't had the knowledge how to live a normal life in ancient Greek! So, read and know his struggles to live a normal life. --- This is a Translated Novel. The Novel belongs to original writer. --- To read additional chapters, go to -> www.patreon.com/kurato6180

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Chapter 37. Medusa

I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero - 37. Medusa


Artemis left, happy humming unknown songs, but in contrast, Cyd is totally the opposite.

"Are you kidding me?"

Athena tiptoed and put a wreath on Cyd's head, "Don't get mad for this, okay?"

Cyd said as the corner of his mouth twitched, "I'm not mad."

"I know, you don't like Jason very much," Athena sighed helplessly, "But Jason has to get Golden Fleece, and now that Hercules is already not on the ship, I'm not sure if Jason still has a chance."

There must be someone else, like Medea.

"I don't think they're great people, but they're famous heroes in any case, and Golden Fleece is more than enough," Cyd curl his lips.

"Then~ if you help Jason get the Golden Fleece, how about a reward from me?" Athena raised a finger, "Although it's not a blessing."

"You should know, I just want the blessing right now," Cyd gestured to his left wrist.

"I want to see your wisdom, and when I see, I will naturally bless you," Athena put her hand on Cyd's chest, "Relax, I am is Goddess of Wisdom. And I will give the reward you need."

Cyd's mouth moved, and after a while, he turned his head away and said reluctantly, "Even if I do get the Golden Fleece It's for Artemis-sama, Jason still can't get Golden Fleece."

"I will get him a fake one, he can't see whether Golden Fleece is true or false, and it is impossible to inherit the throne anyway," Athena spread her hands.

Seeing Athena's indifferent look, Cyd seemed to see Jason's cold future.

"Fine," Cyd covered his face, the most important thing to survive in this Greece is to follow these gods and change his mind to make these gods happy in the future.

It's bound to make good weather!

Thinking about it...Cyd suddenly doesn't feel particularly sad anymore.

At this time, Athena slowly raised the corner of her mouth as if she had noticed something, and suddenly stood on tiptoe and approached Cyd. Cyd could even smell the faint fragrance of Athena's body.

"Ah~ a little fellow came over, that's all for today, remember, the I am is on your side."

After finishing speaking, Athena went away from Cyd's sight and slowly disappeared.

"On... my side?" Cyd tilted his head.

"That refers to the gods' bet," A low voice sounded behind him, and Cyd could feel the hem of his clothes being grabbed.

"The gods played the game around you, and it looks like Athena chose you, just like she chose Jason."

"Compared to that guy, how subtle," Cyd shook the head and turned to hug the petite body behind him, "Long time no see Medusa. Can you finally stand up to those two women?"

"Cyd... you've grown up." Seeing that the boy who used to be shorter than her has grown to be taller than her full body, Medusa couldn't help raising the corners of her mouth, extending the hand to touch Cyd's face, and then pinched, "You can't speak ill of elder sisters, they are just not very good at expressing their emotions, and they asked me to come to you."

"You are too tolerant of them," Cyd put Medusa on the ground, "But what did they ask you to do with me? Take me back?"

"Hmm...I don't know, the elder sisters let me figure it out," Medusa was disturbed and pulled out the black robe that the elder sister gave her.

Still as unassertive as always...

Cyd scratched the back of his head, "How about following me?"

"Hmm...I'm like this. It's not a good thing for me to follow you," Medusa put on a black robe to completely hide her face in the shadows, "I'd better go back."

"Don't," Cyd ignored Medusa's resistance and hugged her, "Don't you listen to elder sister the most?"

"But elder sister let me decide," Medusa fluttered her legs, but she didn't want to hurt Cyd at all. She was trying to break free from Cyd.

"No, elder sister is letting you do what you want to do," Cyd shook his head, "Don't you want to follow me?"

Medusa opened her mouth, she couldn't say no, not because of Hermes's Blessing, but because she didn't want to say it. She wanted to follow Cyd to protect him, but as a monster, she would only put Cyd in more danger. That's it.

"I don't know," Medusa finally bowed her head.

"Then listen to me," Cyd put his face in front of Medusa's face very strongly, "You don't need to be confused, just follow me."

Now he kind of understood why the two female devils had sent Medusa to come to him.

Stheno and Euryale have immortal bodies, even Perseus can't kill them, but Medusa is different. When Cyd saw her for the first time, he vaguely noticed that this Medusa is dead. It happened once, but it was resurrected on the original body, so it became like this, but no one can guarantee whether Medusa will be resurrected next time. No, it should be clear that Medusa can't be resurrected again.

If you let her stay on that island, the heroes with fame will go up there sooner or later, even if Medusa can solve them once, it is impossible to solve them all the time.

Sooner or later, the demigod heroes will set foot on that island. Having an Immortal body they may be fine, but Medusa, who desperately wants to protect the elder sisters, will surely die.

"But I'm going back to take care of the elder sisters," Medusa struggled.

"They won't starve to death."

"But in case someone..."

"I've figured out a way!" Cyd gritted his teeth, "It should be Someone has already dug the hole."

Even though she knew that her elder sister was an immortal body Medusa, she still wanted to protect her elder sister, so she would surely die, but he didn't want to see this, It's a pity that he can't stop the hero from landing on that island, but if someone can, it's nobody other than God!

"I'll get Golden Fleece!" Cyd took a deep breath.

[I am is Goddess of Wisdom, and I will give you the reward you need.]

Really, the Goddess of Wisdom.

Always make offers that he cannot refuse.

Cyd laughed helplessly.

"Whether it's a dragon or something, I'll get the Golden Fleece!"

Cyd pressed his forehead to Medusa's.

"Trust me, you won't have to worry about it when I get Golden Fleece."

"Well," Medusa reached out and stroked Cyd's face.

Euryale and Stheno on the distant island lifts their head at the same time, then looked at each other and smile.

"Medusa will be left to you. Our big hero~"