I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero

Cyd, a normal man wants to live a normal life without any troubles. But he didn't had the knowledge how to live a normal life in ancient Greek! So, read and know his struggles to live a normal life. --- This is a Translated Novel. The Novel belongs to original writer. --- To read additional chapters, go to -> www.patreon.com/kurato6180

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Chapter 35. Meleager

I Will Eventually Embark On The Path Of No Return Called A Hero - 35. Meleager


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"I won~"

Cyd said lazily as he lay on the ground and squinted his eyes.

It's much easier than he expected. He originally planned to use poison in the same way as he did with the lion but didn't expect this pig to make himself so big, even if the brain is big, the tiniest bit of damage can be fatal, even more, if through it.

"Well, I won."

Atalanta, holding Cyd as a cushion under her, wrapped her arms around her chest and nodded.

"That..." Cyd moved his fingers and raised his head cautiously.

"I'm tired, go to bed first," Atalanta curled up and closed her eyes.

"Eh..." Cyd sighed helplessly, then tentatively put his hand on the crook of Atalanta's leg, "Then let me hold you up?"

"As you wish. Well, anyway, in the past few days, you have moved your hands and feet while I can't move," Atalanta said quietly with her eyes closed.

"That's...my fault," Cyd's corner of mouth twitched, getting up and hugging Atalanta.

On the way, Atalanta was extremely obedient, and she took the initiative to put her hand on his neck, and it was really good that she didn't bite, although he didn't know why she had to close her eyes.

"Then what should I do with this demon pig?" Cyd hugged Atalanta and walked to the demon pig, who was still pumping. Looking at the huge monster in front of him, Cyd poked the demon pig's butt with his toes in distress.

"It's big enough, and we can't finish it."

At this moment, a group of people highly armed came just this place to hunt the demon pig. And the one who was leading them was obviously the hero Meleager. But then they saw the demon pig lying down severely injured.

Meleager who was a hero obviously recognised Cyd and Atalanta.

They were shocked but then they looked at the demon pig unscrupulously thinking of discussing how to divide this prey, the exciting look is just like they hunted it.


An inexplicable chill made Meleager completely freeze in place, Cyd who did nothing, and Atalanta who didn't say anything gave him a kind of feeling. Not a good feeling.

"Hey, Cyd and Atalanta took down this demon pig, and it's their trophy," Meleager reminded his uncles aloud without hesitation.

"Huh? Isn't this devil pig is not dead yet? Whoever kills it is his prey," Meleager's uncle patted the trembling devil pig, "Now it's not anyone's trophy, and how could a woman and a weak scum solve the magic pig!"


Who dares to have an opinion like you...

"Cough, that... Meleager, we just need a piece of skin from this devil pig," Cyd coughed lightly, "The rest... I'll give you the rest."

"Really? We didn't contribute at all," Meleager opened his eyes wide, and asked himself blindly. If he was in the same position, he would not let out even a pig's hair.

"It's okay, I didn't come to crusade the demon pig for the loot," Cyd smiled, his snow-white hair emitting crystal rays of light in the sun.

"You..." Meleager was stunned. From those clear eyes, he seemed to see the reflection of his dirty self, and after a while, he laughed at himself, "Hero of Pure White...? Now it seems you are more worthy of the title of hero."

"Huh?" Cyd tilted his head.

It always feels like Meleager is overthinking it.