1 Piers, Fishermen, Food Delivery

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Blue Star, Lanate, Light Mai, Yao Jie Hotel, Back Chef.

A teenager who appears to be in his early 20s is cutting dishes, Bong Bong is cutting dishes, the sound is very rhythmic and fast.

Next to the caseload are several pots, all of which are cut common side dishes.

There are also several small pots next to the vegetable basin, which contain cut spring onions, ginger, garlic and other seasonings, which are to be used after the start of the evening, to be prepared in advance.

Common meals are all cut, Wang Zhen took the knife to the faucet to rinse, and washed the casket, which dumped off the water stains went out.

Moved the chair at the hotel door, picked up the phone to see the time, more than 5 o'clock, WeChat turned on voice calls out.

"Hello, Jia Jia, out of school?"

"Well, I'm going to the cafeteria."

"Can the school cafeteria eat less, eat less, that thing is not human, is not you to rent a house near the school?" Wang Zhen said.

"There is no time, and I will practice myself at night," Wang said, without mentioning the renting of the house.

"Is learning stressful lately?"

"Big, I took the exam after I started, and my results were not so good," said Wang Jia, sighing with a sad tone.

"Good, praise," laughed Wang Zhen with a teasing face. "My sister has the capital of Qingbei!"

"No way. It's time to look at the performance of two school admissions teachers," said Wang.

And with his sister, Wang Zhen hung up his correspondence, After transferring 1,000 dollars to my sister, And another very good card, 2542, The money in the pocket was clean again, and it felt like the whole spirit was being drawn away.

This 2542, in particular, made Wang Zhen abhorrent, every thought of a tyranny at the bottom of the heart, and did not know how to vent, suppressed for more than three years.

More than three years ago, Wang Zhen was just selected by the provincial shooting team of talented seedlings, is more expected to be in the national team, specializing in pistols, Air pistols 10 meters, 50 meters, home loans in the provincial city to buy a house, everything seems to thrive.

As a result, an accident at the construction site in which both parents died, the foreman could not afford to lose money to run straight away, the family all at once left Wang Zhen and his sister Wang Jiajia.

In the event of such an accident, there is no way, originally Wang Town wants to sell the loan to buy the period house, as a result, the State stipulates: in the completion of the completion of the house delivery, pre-purchasers to obtain a home ownership certificate before the real estate authorities can not handle transfer procedures for such.

So, why can real estate dealer sell period house?

Can the state officials set fire, do not let the people light!

In 2010, Wang's salary in the provincial team was only 1,800, but he could afford to eat with his sister, borrow some money from relatives to bear a loan, and then sell it.

As a result, the developer has no money....

Are all sold out houses, loans are also given to developers, so what about money?

The house is rotten, but the loan will not stop!

After all, it is very good to lend money to you, anyway it is very hard to lose, as for the money of the real estate...

Wang Zhen can not expect relatives and friends have been lending you to fill this bottomless hole ah, but not to repay the loan house directly is very well taken away, then the blood is lost.

No way, Wang Zhen withdrew from the provincial team, the provincial team was very reluctant, but the provincial team did not have money.

Wang Zhen Fu, who has been in physical education since junior high school, has not, Even without any other survival skills, screws can't afford the house and sister, Well, the relatives of Wang Town do not travel much on weekdays, But at the critical moment it did reach out, and finally Lanathai defected to a relative on this side, After the chef cut the piers and send them for takeaway, one person did two jobs.


Time: April 1, 2014 at 22:18.

Location: Lanatai, Light Mai, Basa'an Villa District.

Characters: Wang Zhen, Sickle Squad and non-worthy supporting characters with names.


"Ah Town, No. 15 Bassa an, offers 3 A2 packages, 2 B3,3 B5 packages, 4 cases of Win Lion beer." A woman's voice sounded outside the kitchen.

"You know." In the kitchen, Wang Zhen's brow frowned and did not look back, In his mouth, he shrieked out the words, "The Wong Yu Egg," The left hand picked up a fish in the pool next to it like a whip and smashed its head on the board. The right knife quickly pressed on the tail and scraped back and forth a few times. Turn your left hand over and scrape your right knife. Then two knives, a knife under the gills of the fish, a knife in the position of the fish ass.

The tip of the knife gently turn and send a pick, the left and right of the gills all picked out, the tip of the knife again towards the fish belly a catch, the whole fish breech is cleaned clean.

Put the killed fish in the next bucket for a few moments and leave it in the next basin, which already has a pot of fish, which is his half-hour of work success, killing a fish for about 30 seconds.

Blood of bright red flowed from the tablet to the dock, and flowing from the dock to the ground, Finally, down the trench into the sewer, Wang Zhen raised his arm and rubbed the spilled scales and blood on his face, and continued to grab a fish as mechanically as he did.

A Buick GL8 slowly parked on the side of a villa not far from where the lights went off but no one came down.

Inside, a blonde man sitting in the second row reconfirmed his surroundings on the window and set his sights on a villa 30 meters away.

"Confirm destination number 15."

"Once again, the target of this operation was a Lanathai drug prisoner named Ba..." said the blonde man.

A voice came from the co-pilot, and there was a low laugh in the car.

"Cough." Golden hair cough to hide embarrassment, foul stare a quick-mouthed donkey, heart comforting oneself, very good, at least after everyone is very relaxed, as if nothing happened continue to whisper: "The objective of the mission was to kill him and take photographs to give evidence, according to the intelligence, that it was a three-story villa with between 10 and 15 guards around the target."

"It's all poison, all killed, no need to live!"

All this murderous words from the mouth of the Golden Hair when not a little emotional fluctuation, UU read the book www.uukanshu.com apparently killing people for them loose, this is only part of their daily work.


Wang Zhen treated a pot of fish, poured a bucket of blood in the next sewer and then connected to the water again, waiting to be followed by the time began to handle another large basket of crabs, the hands of the fishing knife up and down, very rhythmic.

Next to, a fat left-handed pot, Right hand spoon, one person to operate 3 stoves, And from time to time pay attention to the nine casseroles that are steamed next to them, The same busy feet hit the back of the head, the kitchen only tinkling sound, When the night is over, there is no time to talk.

At this point the kitchen door curtain was opened and a woman in her 40s came in, grabbing the black sleeve strap next to her and saying: "O Yi, you send food, and here I come, there is green bean soup outside to drink a little more."

"Okay, aunt." Wang Zhen put down the knife, Pull down the sleeves and the skin apron that hangs on your body, Go to the sink next to open the faucet and wash the blood on your hands. Wet hands fuck a few on the hair, Then he took the knife and rinsed it in the scabbard of the back waist before he turned and went out.

Inside the room, a young woman was being delivered from a broken van holding a dining box toward the outside, The tables were filled with all kinds of dinner boxes, A package is double, B package is single, add up to 11 people night.

"Miss Lin, I come with beer," Wangzhen shouted.

"Drink some water first, look at the sweat on your head." Sister Lin looked up at Wang Zhen, smiling and saying, and bent over and moved out two boxes of beer.

"That's water!" Wangzhen said, grabbing the large water bottle from the cashier's desk and giving it a few grunts, before he moved out with a box of beer.

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