1 The Poison Dragon's Hidden Egg

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In the Holy Land, on a deserted island in the depths of the East Ocean, there was an active volcano erupting all year round. As a result, the island lacked trees and living beings. Furthermore, the smell of sulfur filled the air.

It was only in recent years when the frequency of volcanic eruptions decreased that fish flocked to the surrounding sea area.

However, there were very few of them.

As time passed, plants that were resistant to high temperatures began to appear on the barren island. The color of the plants was similar to that of the barren island. If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to see them.

The volcano gradually quieted down, and it was about to become an extinct volcano.

If nothing unexpected happened, large amounts of trees would appear here in the future. There would also be seabirds that would come to build their nests. Then, this island would become like the other islands.


A furious roar sounded from the sky as a green Poison Dragon landed on the deserted island.

The Poison Dragon's body was covered in wounds, and its blood did not stop flowing.

It had a triangular head and a cold gaze.

It heaved a sigh of relief after making sure that there were no living beings around. Then, it discovered that the plants on the deserted island were of the same color as the rocks. If it wasn't for the fact that the Poison Dragon was very sensitive to life forces, the plants might have been concealed.

The Poison Dragon's eyes were filled with delight. However, just as it was about to run over, it raised its foot and stopped.

If it were to go over just like that, it would definitely leave behind a series of footprints that would give those cunning humans a clue.

With this thought in mind, it did not land on the ground. Instead, it flew up.

From afar, it looked as if it was exhausted and could only leave after resting on the deserted island.

In reality, it did not fly away. Instead, it flew at a low altitude and arrived above the plants of the same color as the barren island.

As it controlled the blood flow in its body to prevent its blood from dripping onto the plants, it used its sharp claws to dig a hole beside the plants. It dug downwards first, then left, creating a passage that led to the plant's roots.

After the passage was created, the Poison Dragon flapped its wings hard and panted heavily.

It would have been easy for it to do what it did just now, but now that it was seriously injured, it was not easy for it to last until now.

It looked back. There was a rare look of nervousness and hesitation in its eyes.

In the end, it made up its mind.

It chanted softly into the air, summoning a portable space. A green dragon egg that was two meters tall flew out from it. As it continued chanting, the dragon egg was compressed to half a meter in size, which was small enough for the egg to be stuffed into the tunnel.

After putting away the dragon egg, the Poison Dragon cast two Magic Blessings on the island. It then concealed its surroundings and left the deserted island without looking back.

However, there was a hint of sadness in its roar.

Not long after the Poison Dragon left, a group of mages in magic robes and warriors with swords in their hands landed on the deserted island.

They immediately saw two dragon footprints on the deserted island.

A warrior holding the sword laughed. "Haha, after chasing it for so long, that Poison Dragon finally can't run anymore. It needs to stop and rest."

One of the mages also had a smile on his face as he said, "If I hadn't heard that it was pregnant and had an egg, I wouldn't have dared to hunt it down like this."

"Now we're going to be rich."

Seeing the joy on everyone's faces, as if they had forgotten the rules of their visit, the old man in the lead knocked the magic staff in his hand on the ground and spoke coldly.

"Be careful when you pursue it. Capture it alive as much as possible. There will be greater research value if you bring it back alive. Furthermore, if any of you dare to destroy its dragon egg, there's no need for you to return. Just commit suicide on the spot to atone for your crimes. On behalf of the Mage Union, I hereby announce that this order will be effective for life!"

"Don't even think about escaping with the egg of the Poison Dragon."

"The Mage Union sacrificed three demigods to severely injure the legendary Poison Dragon. We can also send ten demigods to retrieve what we deserve."

Everyone's expression turned serious and no one dared to laugh anymore.

Seeing that the situation was under control, the old man looked around and waved his hand. "Continue chasing after it. Exhaust it to the limit of its body before doing anything. Don't be like Karl, who was sprayed to death by a mouthful of poisonous gas."

Everyone agreed and chased after the Poison Dragon.

Since the dragon egg had been sealed, its life force was very weak. Furthermore, it was buried at the roots of a plant. If one looked at it directly, it was very easy to mistake it for a plant. No one noticed that there was something abnormal about this life force.

Confusion flashed past the eyes of a mage, who was at the back of the team.

However, since the people in front of him had already left, it would be strange if he stayed behind. Even if he really discovered something, he wouldn't have a share. He might as well pretend that he didn't know anything and come back to check in the future.

After memorizing the location of the egg on the deserted island, the mage chased after the people in front of him and left.

A gentle breeze blew across the deserted island. Under a plant that no one cared about, a half-meter-tall dragon egg shone faintly.

Time gradually passed.

The Poison Dragon that left the dragon egg never returned.

None of the human mages and warriors who chased after it returned.

Even the mage who noticed the anomaly did not return.

This deserted island seemed to have been forgotten. Only the plants growing on the island and the fish swimming in the surrounding sea remembered it.

Meanwhile, plants had already grown over the place where the Poison Dragon had left its footprints.

Beneath the plant where the dragon egg was buried, the half-meter tall dragon egg had returned to its original size of two meters. However, it was expanding downwards, so it could not be seen from the surface.

On the surface of the dragon egg, there was a layer of magic array that was maintaining the operations in the egg and protecting it.

This was until one day, when the green dragon egg trembled slightly and pushed the plant above its head to the side. It saw sunlight again, and the magic array on the outside shattered and dimmed.

In the following days, the dragon egg became even more active, as if a small life was about to break out of its shell.

However, just as its life force reached its peak, a pair of golden eyes appeared above the deserted island and looked down at it.

"The Poison Dragon bloodline doesn't need life!"

As this voice fell, the golden eyes disappeared. Then, a golden light descended from the sky and accurately struck the green dragon egg.

The two layers of Magic Blessings that had never been effective on the dragon egg finally weakened the power of the golden light by half.

The Magic Blessing was broken.

Then, a miserable howl echoed faintly in midair.

The lively life force on the dragon egg was silent, as if it had never appeared before.

A gentle breeze blew, and no one witnessed this scene.

Time never stopped. It continued forward.

Ten years later.

The silent life force of the dragon egg appeared once again. However, it was many times weaker than before. Nevertheless, it still emitted a life force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky above the deserted island, dark clouds and lightning suddenly arrived. A storm was about to occur.

The pair of golden eyes that had appeared once appeared once again. However, before they could take form, a voice sounded from the void.

"Get lost!"

The golden eyes shattered and condensed into a drop of golden liquid, which accurately dripped onto the green dragon egg. As a result, the life force of the dragon egg increased greatly, reaching half of what it was before and stabilizing.

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