2 The Newborn Poison Dragon

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The dragon egg, which had experienced two setbacks, was finally safe this time.

Three days later.

With a soft sound, the dragon egg broke from the inside. A young Poison Dragon poked its head out and looked at this unfamiliar world.

However, unlike the other newborn dragons, there was no purity or confusion in its eyes. Instead, there were traces of craftiness and fear, flashing with the light of wisdom, as if it was afraid of this world.

If a human were to look at it, they would probably think that it was an adult human instead of a dragon.

However, in reality, the true young Poison Dragon had already been killed by the first golden light.

Thus, the current Poison Dragon's soul core wasn't that of a young Poison Dragon.

Instead, it was of a human who had transmigrated from another world.

"Have I transmigrated?"

Lei Luo stared blankly at the scenery before him. Then, he looked down at the broken green eggshell beneath him and understood that he was a newly born egg creature.

"I… seem to have become a dragon?"

Feeling the powerful strength in his body and the wings that had yet to unfold on his back, Lei Luo was pleasantly surprised.

Although he was human in his previous life, life was boring.

Transmigrating over and becoming an incomparably powerful dragon was indeed much better than his previous life.

Furthermore, he could see even more different sceneries.


The sound of his stomach growling in hunger brought Lei Luo back to reality.

He had just been born not long ago and was in urgent need of energy to replenish his body. Following his biological instincts, Lei Luo ate the eggshell behind him and absorbed the energy contained within.


Rich energy flowed through his entire body. Then, Lei Luo stood up and shook his body. He could not help but let out a tender roar.

As a dragon with a human soul, the next step was to understand his surrounding environment and see if there was any danger. He had to take precautions in advance and wait for his parents to arrive.

Although being born on this deserted island did not match his identity as a member of the Dragon Race, he did not know what had happened before this.

Thus, he had to look around first.

The physical strength of the Dragon Race was very good. Although he could not fly yet, his crawling speed was not slow.

A few minutes later.

Lei Luo came to a higher position on the island.

Looking down from high above, the surroundings were desolate and devoid of vegetation. Beyond the island was endless seawater with no end in sight.

At the center of the island was a volcano. However, the temperature around the island wasn't high. Thus, the volcano should have been dead for a long time.

Other than that, there was no other scenery.

"I hope my parents in this life will come back soon. I don't have any hunting skills. I wonder if there are any fish in the sea?"

Lei Luo walked towards the edge of the island and soon arrived at the beach.

Then, he looked down into the water.

Yes, he was indeed a dragon.

Furthermore, he was very handsome.

After admiring his looks, Lei Luo poked his head into the sea to see if there were any schools of fish. He was surprised to find that as his body entered the surrounding sea, the color of the seawater gradually turned green. Furthermore, the range of water that changed in color was gradually expanding.

"What's going on?"

Lei Luo was a little confused. Was he born to be holy? Was he born with special abilities? Or was this a talent of his race?

Many thoughts flashed through his mind, but he could not be sure.

After all, he did not have the inherited memories of his race, nor did he have his parents' guidance. Thus, he could only rely on himself to explore.

Lei Luo thought for a moment, then simply sank his entire body into the sea and observed quietly.

Soon, as his body entered the sea, more seawater turned green. However, after reaching a certain range, the amount of green seawater no longer increased. Instead, it floated in all directions.

However, it did not merge with the surrounding seawater. It was as if the green seawater was swimming.

As Lei Luo saw the green seawater float away, he hurriedly chased after it.

He had to figure out the use of this thing created by his body!

Before long, a group of shallow water fish swam towards him.

The green seawater immediately started to fade. At the same time, the bodies of the fish swayed, making it difficult for them to swim.

No! The seawater was not fading!

From behind, Lei Luo could clearly see that the green energy from the green seawater had entered the school of fish, causing them to become like this.

Based on this effect, it should be… poison!

Just as Lei Luo was figuring this out, the green seawater completely returned to its original state. Meanwhile, the bodies of the fish had flipped and floated to the surface of the sea. Not a single fish escaped.

Lei Luo swam closer to the school of fish and pushed the fish with his claw.

The larger fish were still alive, while the smaller ones had been poisoned to death.

"Is my talent poison?"

Lei Luo's eyes widened with unusual excitement.

Others might think that the power of poison was not good, but he did not think so. As long as he could achieve his goal, the means were not important.

For example, he had to eat dinner tonight.

If he were to awaken the power of fire, he would be restrained by the sea. Wouldn't he starve on this deserted island?

If his parents in this life did not come to this island, it was not impossible for him to starve to death.

As he carried the largest fish in his mouth, Lei Luo grabbed the smaller fish with his claws and swam back.

After coming ashore, he stood on his hind legs and walked towards the extinct volcano.

The eggshell contained a lot of energy and could be swallowed directly. However, he definitely had to roast the fish before eating it.

Even on a deserted island, he could not do as he pleased.

Using the residual heat from the mouth of the extinct volcano, Lei Luo roasted the three fish that had been poisoned and had a good meal.

Then, he chose a spot where he was out of the wind and lay down to sleep.

Time quietly passed. In the blink of an eye, the next day arrived.

Lei Luo opened his eyes and looked around. He realized that he was still alone on the island and that no other living beings had arrived. He could not help but frown slightly.

This was not right.

One had to know that he was just born and did not have much power. This was the time when he needed protection. No matter what, the elders should take care of him, right?

Although his parents in this life might discover that something was unusual if they really came, it was nothing compared to safety.

"Something's not right. But I can't do anything about it now."

"I hope there won't be any danger around the island."

Lei Luo had no choice but to accept the fact that he needed to live alone. Fortunately, his awakened talent was poison, so he did not need to personally go into the sea to fight. He just needed to poison the fish to kill them. There were enough fish in the sea for him to eat now, so he would not be hungry.

There was no scenery to speak of on the deserted island. Furthermore, he could not see the edge of the surrounding sea.

Since he had nothing to do, Lei Luo took a tour of every part of the deserted island and also ranked the danger level of each area.

The most dangerous thing to him was the interior of the extinct volcano. It didn't erupt, but it contained high temperatures. If he fell down, it would be difficult for him to come out alive.

Other than the interior of the extinct volcano, the occasional smoke that would erupt from the volcano contained fire poison, which was not something his current body could withstand.

These two were life-threatening, but there were no abnormalities elsewhere.

Next was the ocean.

The island that Lei Luo was on seemed to be very far away from land. He swam in one direction from sunrise to sunset but only saw seawater.

If he didn't rely on the sun to guide him, he would probably get lost in the ocean.

Thus, he could not leave for the time being and could only stay on the island.

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