4 The Ancestor's Dream, Bloodline Talent Awakens!

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"What a strange dream. Why did I see my earliest ancestor? Could it be that he knows how difficult it has been for the Poison Dragon bloodline and is preparing to climb out of his grave to rebuild his reputation?"

Lei Luo stared at the distant waves as his mind began to wander.

He did not pay much attention to this dream. Instead, he was about to get up and switch to a better spot to enjoy the scenery.

However, with this movement, Lei Luo immediately realized that something was wrong.

His body had turned golden at some point in time, but at the same time, a dark green light surged from his body.

The two entangled with each other and eventually merged together, disappearing into his body.

Lei Luo frowned slightly. "Hmm? What's the situation?"

As he was thinking about this, a lot of knowledge that had never appeared before suddenly appeared in his mind. At the same time, the flow of blood in his body became faster. His green scales were stained with red spots, and a portion of his blood directly seeped out from his body and adhered to his scales.

Lei Luo suppressed the fear in his heart and checked the additional knowledge in his mind.

"This memory contains the highest bloodline talent of the Poison Dragon bloodline, as well as the instructions and cultivation method of [Characteristic Synthesis]. Without my permission, my descendants are not allowed to inherit it!"

"Anyone who tries to spy on the instructions will be cursed by me. In the name of the Poisonous Dragon Ancestor, I will set an eternal contract!"

The first thing that appeared in his mind was not knowledge.

Instead, a Poison Dragon with a crown was setting up an eternal contract in front of the river of time.

As the chanting ended, the river of time started to vibrate and the contract was formed. The Poison Dragon Ancestor, who was standing in front of the river, looked back in the direction where Lei Luo happened to be standing. His expression softened slightly before slowly dissipating.

"Have I passed the test? Was it because of that dream? Was that the Poison Dragon Ancestor?"

Lei Luo was a little confused. However, he had obtained the affirmation of his ancestor and inherited the supreme bloodline talent. There was no doubt about this. After all, the knowledge in his mind was real and his body had indeed changed.

With the affirmation from his ancestor, the changes would definitely be good. Otherwise, there would be no need for the eternal curse to prevent the cultivation method and knowledge from leaking.

Perhaps he could use this curse to deal with his enemies in the future.

He just did not know how long those enemies could live under the curse of their ancestors.

Lei Luo immediately thought of using the knowledge in his mind to fight his enemies. If it were any other Poison Dragon, they might not think so. Instead, they would not want any knowledge to leak out. However, he was different. He wanted to maximize the benefits of this knowledge.

After thinking for a while, Lei Luo returned to his senses and began to check the information regarding the bloodline talent [Characteristic Synthesis].

After understanding the situation, he could deal with the changes in his body more easily.

Initially, Lei Luo did not understand why the Poison Dragon Ancestor would order his descendants to not cultivate this talent without his permission. After all, it was the supreme bloodline talent of the Poison Dragon bloodline. Furthermore, his ancestor explained that the cultivation method and the method were under an eternal curse.

It was as if he was guarding against his clansmen, who had inherited his bloodline talent from him, from leaking this knowledge. Was there really a need to be so strict?

However, his thoughts changed after reading the description of [Characteristic Synthesis].

That curse was extremely necessary!

Characteristic Synthesis was a supreme bloodline talent that belonged to the Poison Dragon bloodline. However, after mastering the cultivation method of this talent, other races would also be able to obtain a portion of its effects. It was just that the effects weren't as outstanding as the Poison Dragon bloodline, but it was enough to increase their combat strength by one level.

In other words, if creatures from other races cultivated the [Characteristic Synthesis] talent, Level-7 warriors would be able to fight Level-8 warriors, while Level-9 warriors would be able to fight Demigods. Wouldn't he be at a disadvantage if this fell into the hands of the enemy?

Even if they were not enemies, the survival of all living things required more resources and space. Strengthening others would also weaken oneself.

Thus, this information was kept secret as a secret method of the race.

What followed the explanation was the cultivation method of Characteristic Synthesis, as well as the things to take note of.

The Poison Dragon bloodline could consume ores or living creatures and extract their characteristics to integrate with their poisonous breath or bodies. However, the bodies of the Dragon Race were strong enough. They were immune to most physical and magical attacks after adulthood.

Thus, most of the time, they would fuse the characteristics of ores or living creatures into their poisonous breath to increase its power.

The minerals and living creatures mentioned in the explanation included everything. As long as the body could withstand it, it could be eaten!

If he encountered a God-grade mineral and fused its characteristics with his poisonous breath, wouldn't his power immediately rise?

The more Lei Luo read the information, the more excited he became.

Although he was still unable to come into contact with high-end minerals and living creatures, he was able to come into contact with low-end minerals. They were also within the range of his ability to deal with. They were perfect for him.

"Characteristic Synthesis, any ore or living being…"

Lei Luo stood up and looked sideways at the extinct volcano in the center of the island.

He could devour the entire island and integrate its characteristics. However, the minerals in the extinct volcano had more energy than ordinary rocks. Moreover, he could extract fire poison and integrate it into his own poisonous breath. Next time, he could try to poison a Level-3 creature.

He got to work as soon as he thought of this. Lei Luo flew towards the extinct volcano and stopped going deeper after reaching the edge.

If he dug out the lava inside, he would be the one suffering.

With his current body, he wasn't afraid of high-temperature rocks. He could also withstand the heat of the magma, but it didn't mean that it didn't hurt.

Lei Luo reached out his claws from the edge of the volcano and started to dig downwards.

Soon, a lot of red-colored ores were dug out, with some gray rocks among them.

This was the situation near the periphery of the volcano. The deeper he went, the redder the rocks would be. In the middle of the extinct volcano, there might even be extraordinary minerals that contained even more explosive characteristics.

After experimenting, Lei Luo roughly understood how to use the [Characteristic Synthesis] talent.

With his current physical condition, he could directly eat extraordinary minerals that were Level-3 and below, but he could not eat too much. After all, his body needed time to adapt.

As long as the amount of ordinary minerals he consumed did not exceed three tons, it would not be a problem.

However, no matter how many ordinary minerals he ate, he would not be able to extract as many characteristics as if he consumed extraordinary minerals.

As for creatures, he had not tested out their effects. He needed to dive into the water to catch them.

It was much more convenient to make use of the extinct volcano.

However, even though he could extract characteristics, when they were combined together, there had to be a selection process. It was not as simple as adding the effects together.

For example, the "stable" characteristic extracted from rocks and the "explosive" characteristic extracted from fire ores would clash together. It was harmless to the body, but they would melt in his body.

When he spat out his poisonous breath, it would stabilize and explode at the same time. This would be equivalent to not having the Characteristic Synthesis talent at all.

Thus, he would need to absorb more characteristics to suppress one of the characteristics.

If he really reached that stage, he might as well start choosing the characteristics from the very beginning.

Lei Luo first looked at the surface of the ores and chose the ores for a while. Then, he left with five abnormally red ores.

The surface of the ores were of high temperatures and they contained fire poison. Their quality was close to that of extraordinary ores.

"I should be able to eat two pieces. I'll eat the remaining three pieces tomorrow."

"I wonder what kind of changes will happen when this fire poison combines with my Poison Dragon's poison?"

Lei Luo looked at the ore in front of him and swallowed a piece without much hesitation.

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