5 White Dragon Brand Ice Cream, You Deserve It!

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This little white dragon was quite obedient, not bad...

Looking at the young dragon that was carrying out his orders perfectly, Bingley could not help but reveal a satisfied smile.

Patting its spiky little head, Bingley said with a smile, "All right, have some rest."


The little white dragon let out a soft cry, once again nuzzling against Bingley's trouser leg intimately. Sitting down on the spot, it curiously examined its surroundings.

[What... What kind of pet is this? It's actually so obedient. Is it a lizard or a dragon?]

[F * ck, big brother, can't you tell? It's clearly a f*cking dragon, a living dragon!!!]

[F*ck, shouldn't dragons be creatures that boast nobility? They reign over all existences. How could they be conquered by an ordinary person and still be so obedient?]

[Tsk, if I faced such a handsome man, I would be even more obedient than him!]

Although the audience members in the live stream were shocked by the scene before them, Bingley and Elizabeth did not notice it at all.

That was because their attention was completely on the white dragon that was wiping its body and the four other dragon eggs.

Bingley smiled as he looked at everything in front of him. He unwittingly felt a little emotional.

It looked like the pet that was born this time was pretty good. It was actually a white dragon with the power of frost. Not too shabby!

Others might not have known this, but there was a system in Bingley's body that specialized in nurturing pets. The system was called...

The Super Divine Pet Shop System!!!

As long as he was bound to the pet shop that he built, there was a chance for a rare and exotic pet beast to be born. There was even a chance for it to grow into a legendary divine beast!

Similarly, as long as he nurtured the rare and exotic beasts, as well as increased the value of their species and influence, he would be able to obtain corresponding rewards!


[Congratulations to the host for nurturing a pet: A young white dragon!]

[Upgrade Route: Young white dragon --> Adult white dragon --> Ancient white dragon!]

[Reward Obtained: Young dragon spiritual rations x10]

[Reward Obtained: Wind and Rain Summoning Skill Book!]

[Reward Obtained: Culinary skills (peak level)!]

Hearing the system's voice ringing in his mind, the corners of Bingley's mouth curled up into a smile.

Not bad at all.

He never expected the potential of the white dragon he had nurtured to be so great. In the end, it would actually grow to become an ancient divine beast!

One needed to know that a divine pet with the word "ancient" in its name was undoubtedly an existence that was so powerful that it could destroy the heavens and earth!

The future was within reach!

The rewards he obtained this time were not cheap either. In addition to the divine pet spirit food, he had also obtained a skill book!

The most practical thing was still the culinary skill, which was already at the peak of perfection!

Bingley, who felt incomparably satisfied in his heart, immediately looked at the white dragon with a gaze filled with affection.

Sensing the change in his master's emotions, the white dragon let out a cry of comfort.

Immediately after, it blew out a mouthful of frost as if it was expressing its excitement!

Upon seeing this, Bingley's eyes instantly lit up. He had a sudden urge to pull out some small bowls and fruits from the glove compartment at the side.

Following that, before Elizabeth and everyone's curious gazes, he cut the fruits into pieces and placed them in the bowls. Then he went up to the white dragon

Turning his back to his girlfriend and the camera, Bingley spoke to the little white dragon.

"Come, spit out some frost!"


The little dragon looked at its master with slight curiosity.

It then looked at the bowl in his hand and opened its mouth slightly to slowly spit out a frosty ball.

A few seconds later, the few pieces of fruit that had originally been dripping with juice instantly froze. They were gradually covered by layers of snowflakes, turning into a bowl of fruit ice cream!

"That's enough!"

Hearing its master's order, the white dragon instantly stopped producing the frost. It smacked its lips and sat down once again.

"Come, try this freshly made White Dragon Brand fruit ice cream!"

Bingley handed the bowl in his hand to Elizabeth and fed her a scoop as she gazed at him in astonishment.

The next second, she shut her eyes in satisfaction.

"Mmm, it's so delicious!!!"

"Hahaha, if it's delicious, then eat more!"

Following that, the two of them began to put out some dog food in front of the thousands of viewers in the live stream. They did not leave any room for the dogs to exert themselves!

[Tsk tsk tsk, this dog food... it's really different from the rest!]

[F*ck, the title is obviously about a beautiful woman cooking, yet she has come here to show off their love. Good fellow, is it popular to lure in single dogs and kill them now1?!]

[This white dragon was looking down on everyone just a moment ago. Who would have thought that he would be as obedient as a puppy now, Haha! ]

[ That... I want to eat too...]

"It's really delicious, you should eat some too!"

"All right, I'll have a bite!"

After that, Bingley and Elizabeth fed each other ice cream as they laughed with great joy.

It was hot like a furnace in July, and having a bowl of cold dessert could be considered the greatest happiness at that moment!

Furthermore, the ice cream was so delicious. There was no doubt that it had been personally made by a divine beast!

Before long, the fruit ice cream, which was the size of a palm, had been devoured, and less than half remained in the bowl.

The way the two of them ate the ice cream made the white dragon at the side drool for a moment.

[Hahaha, look, the little white dragon and the big lizard are drooling. It's a long string.]

[So cute. Are you hungry? Do you want to feed them some?!]

[White Dragon: D*mn it, now it's not only popular to kill dogs on the spot but also dragons! D*mn it...]

Coincidentally, Bingley witnessed all of this.

After some thought, he rummaged through his bag and finally took out a bag that looked like a biscuit.

One had to know that this bag was not filled with ordinary biscuits, or pet food sold by the pet shop.

This thing was something that Bingley had spent a lot of money on.

It was a juvenile ration that was specially made for spirit pets according to the requirements of the system!

The main ingredients in it were hundred-year-old polygonum multiflorum, thousand-year-old mountain ginseng, blood lingzhi mushroom, deep sea pearl, and 27 kinds of precious Chinese medicinal herbs that were ground and compressed!

Any one of them cost as much as a lump of gold!

The effect was even better. As long as a spirit pet ate one on the same day, it would be able to satisfy the spiritual energy and nutrition needed for its growth on that day.

It could help its growth quickly and without any side effects.

And this was only the most ordinary level. If it was a higher level, wouldn't that be terrible?

The whitedragon placed a spirit food in its hand in front of the white dragon's eyes. Instantly, the white dragon widened its eyes as if it had seen something it desperately needed and swallowed it in one gulp.


A stream of steam visible to the naked eye emerged from its ears and nose. It narrowed its eyes slightly, appearing to be extremely satisfied.

Coincidentally, this scene was also seen by the audience in the live broadcast room.

Elizabeth suddenly noticed that the live broadcast was still going on at this moment?

Picking up her phone, she was instantly stunned.

The live broadcast room, which usually only had a thousand audience members, had actually increased by nearly ten times for the first time today!

It had reached a total of over ten thousand people!

Elizabeth was instantly somewhat startled. She hurriedly turned off the live broadcast and looked at Bingley. "Have I caused you any trouble? These are all important pets that you've nurtured, right? These audience members seem to have some misunderstandings or something..."

Seeing Elizabeth's self-reproach, Bingley stroked her head lovingly.

"It's all right. Don't think too much about it."

Elizabeth nodded. Suddenly, she recalled what the audience members had said during the live broadcast.

"Um, previously, a lot of people said that Little Brown is a dragon. Is that true?"

Bingley smiled. "How can that be? Dragons don't exist in this world. Little Brown is just a relatively rare lizard!"

Elizabeth suddenly came to a realization,

"Oh, I see. I knew it. Little Brown is so cute. How can he be a big evil dragon from the movies?"

As if she had thought of something, Elizabeth immediately pointed at the white dragon sitting on the greenhouse.

"Oh, right. What about this white one?"

Suddenly, Bingley was stunned. How should he explain this?

Raising his head to take a look, he immediately recalled that when he had returned, the outside world was currently promoting the large-scale event that Yunding city was hosting this year, the world carrier pigeon competition. Thus, he casually mentioned this.

"Oh, this is a newly bred carrier pigeon. I'm preparing to bring it to participate in the carrier pigeon competition outside!"

Elizabeth's eyes instantly lit up as she nodded her head in a daze.

"I see. This is a carrier pigeon. No wonder it's so white!"

Instantly, Bingley seemed to have thought of something as he looked at his girlfriend, who was staring blankly at the white dragon.

"Give it a name. Elizabeth, you name it!"

"Ah?"Elizabeth was instantly a little surprised. "I'll name it?"

Bingley smiled. "Of course."

Elizabeth Thought for a moment. "Since it's a messenger pigeon, how about... we call it Brocade Book. What do you think?"

When Bingley heard this, he fell into deep thought. Then, he smiled slightly.

"All right, let's call it Brocade Book then!"

He knew that this was from a poem written by the famous female poet of the Song dynasty in China, Li Qingzhao, "A Cut of Plum."

"Who in the clouds sends a brocade book? When the wild goose returns, the moon will be over the west tower..."

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