1 Transmigration? Rebirth? A Dragon Wants to Adopt Me?

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When he woke up, he found himself in a huge cave. He had turned into a baby that was barely a few months old! 

What was going on? He sank into despair and drowsiness and hunger overtook him. 

His stomach growled. It was obvious that he was starving terribly. 

"What should I do? I'm going to starve to death." 

Sade's heart was filled with despair. 

He remembered that just a moment ago, he was at home and was playing games with his brother. They had played all night, and in the morning, he had just closed his eyes for what felt like a minute and before he knew it, he had been transported to this dark cave. 

The surrounding temperature was frighteningly high, and Sade's entire body was sweating from the heat. 

This made his fragile body, which had been reborn as a baby, feel even worse. 

Sade was in a critical situation. He needed to know where he was as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, the top of the cave was shaped like a funnel. 

Lying on the ground, Sade's eyes were drawn to the dazzling sunlight that came from outside. He quickly turned his head to his side. 

However, when his eyes adapted, the scene in front of him surprised him! 

He saw a huge figure lying in the shadows of the cave. 

As if sensing Sade's gaze, the huge figure in front of him slowly stood up. 

Under the sunlight, it looked terrifying and domineering as it slowly stood up. It was a dragon. 

Red dragon scales with harsh black patterns covered her entire body. 

On her huge and ferocious head, there were seven to eight horns that were twisted upwards. 

The dragon's body looked unusually terrifying, especially her pair of huge eyes that were glowing red. They made her look bloodthirsty and brutal! 

He couldn't believe that she was actually a real dragon! 

Moreover, this dragon's body was abnormally huge. 

The dragon just stood up. The cave that was originally extremely spacious in Sade's eyes became unusually narrow at this moment. 

Sade was stunned. 

The terrifying dragon in front of him slowly lowered her huge head. 

He looked at the giant dragon that was getting closer and closer. 

At this moment, Sade's heart was hammering in his chest like crazy! 

This was not because he was a coward, but because he was truly afraid of the dragon! 

"It's over, I'm going to get eaten by the giant dragon..." Sade's heart was filled with panic at this moment. 

If Sade wasn't an infant at the moment, he would have gotten up and run away as fast as he could! 

However, that was currently impossible. 

Just as Sade was worried that he was going to be eaten by the dragon, the beast in front of him didn't eat him immediately. Instead, she stuck out her huge tongue and licked him! 

The sight of her tongue made Sade's vision go black and he almost fainted. 

This was because Sade was a baby, and compared to him, the body of the dragon was huge. 

Just her exposed tongue was more than ten times bigger than Sade's body! 

Sade was like an ant in comparison. 

The dragon was obviously very careful. However, despite this, the saliva on her tongue immediately splashed all over Sade's body. 

In that moment, Sade almost fainted. 

The feeling of the saliva on his body was weird. 

However, miraculously, after the dragon had licked him madly, Sade was surprised to find that his body did not feel as hot as it did before. 

Not only that, but the temperature around him seemed to have reduced as well. 

Although the temperature around him was still very high, Sade could clearly feel that he was much more comfortable than before. 

"Ugh, so comfortable." Sensing the surrounding temperature gradually decreasing, Sade immediately let out a happy cry. 

For a moment, his entire body relaxed and the giant dragon also noticed his relief. 

Surprisingly, the giant dragon did not do anything else. Instead, she slowly retracted its tongue. 

The action instantly made Sade's heart thump with nervousness. 

Was the dragon in front of him was going to eat him now? 

But miraculously, the dragon just fell back to the ground. 

The dragon stared at the little human in front of her with her huge eyes. She was being very careful with him. 

Her behavior was very similar to a housewife taking care of a baby at home. 

This didn't go unnoticed by Sade. 

"What is going on? Does this dragon think that I'm her child?" 

As this thought appeared in his mind, Sade was shocked by his bold idea. 

"How is this possible? This is a dragon; how can she raise a human child?" 

Sade rejected his first guess, but the dragon's behavior was very suspicious in his eyes. 

At this moment, there was an earthquake and the entire cave shook. 

Gravel fell from the top of the cave and was about to hit Sade! 

Looking at the gravel that suddenly fell from the top of the cave, one could see that although the pieces did not look that big, it would be fatal for an infant! 

Sade was in a terrible mood. He instantly struggled, but it was obviously useless. 

Being in an infant's body severely limited his movement! 

"Damn it, I'm not being eaten by the dragon, but instead, I'm going to be crushed to death by these falling rocks?!" 

However, at this moment, faced by this sudden situation, the dragon in front of him suddenly rushed toward Sade and her huge body protected Sade tightly under her wings. 

This scene stunned Sade. 

It was unbelievable that the dragon in front of him was really protecting him! 

"Is this dragon really going to adopt me?!" Sade exclaimed. 

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