12 Sade’s Past and the Determination of the Dragon Mother!

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"She said 'mommy' that means mother, doesn't it? If this child's name is Sade, then is this woman's voice Sade's mother's voice?" Prescott was a little disappointed. 

For some reason, when she found out that this child had a mother... A certain conviction in her heart suddenly wavered. 

The child was clearly right in front of her, but Prescott felt that the child felt very distant. 

"So, it turns out that this child, Sade, still actually has a parent?" 

Prescott lowered her head slightly, her right hand stroking Sade's hair as her heart trembled slightly. 

"Since Sade's parents are still around, I have to send him back to his mother's side." 

Her voice wobbled slightly. Although her words were firm, her tone was very sad. 

Even the Green Jade Python, who was far away, was affected by her emotions. 

It raised its huge head, and its huge vertical pupils revealed its confusion. 

'This is strange. Why is Master's heart suddenly so sad? What has hurt Master?' 

The Green Jade Python couldn't figure it out. 

Its mind was only around 10-14 years old in human years, so it was normal for it to not understand Prescott's complex emotions. 

Just as Prescott decided to help Sade find his parents, the spiritual necklace rippled with energy again. 

Prescott subconsciously connected her consciousness to it again. 

This time, the voice was not only from the middle-aged woman, but from an adult male. 

"How is he? Is the child asleep?" 

"He's asleep, but he always wakes up in his sleep and cries the moment he wakes up. It seems like he misses his mother." 

The middle-aged woman's voice was trembling. She was obviously upset about the child's condition. 

"Oh God, why would such a terrible thing happen to such a young child?" 

"Father, do you know where the child's parents are?" The middle-aged woman was obviously questioning another adult male. 

"I just asked around." 

"I heard from Marx that the child's parents died in the war. The child was able to come here because a kind person risked his life to save the child from the ruins. In the end, he was sent here with the other children." 

"What do you mean by that?! Are Sade's parents dead?!" 

Hearing this, Prescott's heart was shaken. 

She had never expected that the little baby's backstory would be so tragic. 

He couldn't even meet his own parents. 

Prescott thought of her own experiences over the years and couldn't help but connect Sade's experiences to what she had gone through. 

For a moment, Prescott's feelings for Sade swelled up, and she wanted to hold Sade tightly in her arms. 

But she still held it in and quickly calmed herself down, continuing to listen to the voices. 

The voice of the adult woman sounded again. 

"What, the child's parents have already died?" 

The adult woman was full of shock, and her voice was mixed with thick disbelief. 

She really did not think that human life was this fragile. 

But it was. Especially in war, it was as fragile as a flame in the wind. At any moment, it would be snuffed out. 

Even with such short lifespans, they worked hard for their children. 

The words were mixed with the middle-aged woman's sobs. 

It was as if she was crying for the tragic experience of the child who had lost his parents. 

Along with a long sigh, the middle-aged man expressed his helplessness towards the tragedy in front of him. 

"Everything is a cycle of cause and effect. We should believe that God will bless us." 

"May God bless us..." 

"May God bless us!" 


The voices had stopped talking. 

Prescott vaguely heard the sound of Sade saying 'Ma... Ma' again. 

Her heart tightened. After all, she had lost the love of her parents when she was young. 

Unlike the other races, she had been out wandering since she was a young dragon and had seen too many tragedies of the races. 

Similarly, she had seen many beautiful and great things as well. 

She did not doubt the authenticity of the soul necklace. 

It was a craftsman's specialty, a masterpiece of the Dwarven race. 

It was one of the treasures that Prescott had obtained when she had unintentionally aided the dwarves back then. 

She believed that they would never deceive her and trusted them when they told her about the power of the soul necklace. This was because all the creatures on the continent knew how terrifying it was to deceive a powerful dragon. 

As for Sade, she had even less doubt about him. 

As if a baby that was barely six months old could deceive an adult dragon! 

Not to mention, she was now an Ancient Dragon. 

Prescott did not believe that there was any creature in this world whose spiritual power could affect the spiritual perception of an Ancient Dragon! 

Before she confirmed everything she had heard before, Prescott could not help but start to think about the words she had heard. 

Although she did not know what kind of existence the so-called 'God' was in that world, what she did know was that the middle-aged man was obviously a priest! 

Everyone knew that priests were a kind of profession in the Church of St. Joko of the Holy Light Empire. 

Could it be that Sade's parents came from the Holy Light Empire? 

But the Holy Light Empire was far away. To reach it, one had to go past the Storm Sea, one of the three forbidden areas, on the other side of the continent. 

If they wanted to pass through the Storm Sea, they would have to cross the Magical Beast Mountain Range. 

It was impossible for humans to reach it with their current travelling technology. 

Even with the help of a dragon, it would take at least three to five years. 

But the child was so young, how did he get here then? 

The more she thought about it, the more confused Prescott became. 

After a series of thoughts, Prescott looked up at Sade, who was staring at her. The corners of her mouth could not help but curl up. 

She smiled at Sade and Sade did not know why, but he quickly smiled back and giggled. 

Prescott quickly held Sade in his arms and murmured. 

"Really, why do I think so much? As long as you are my child, I will always be your mother." 

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