1 IT Guy Lenny

"I can't see! I can't hear anything! I can't feel!" Kai screamed into nothingness, or at least, he wanted to, but his body wouldn't respond.

"Am I… dead?!" he horrifyingly asked nothingness. Of course, there was no answer, either.

He finally saw a bright blue light and started hearing a voice from where the light came from. So starved for any possible feeling, he ran towards the light. As he got closer, the voice became clearer, but his mind became more muddled as time passed.

"I will finally succeed! Everything's ready! I will create the superior undead!"

The cackling of a fat middle-aged man sounded in a room underground. In the middle of the room was a skeleton laying on the table with purple-glowing eyes, staying motionlessly as a surge of mana gathered above the skeleton and started flowing into it. The walls of the room looked dusty, and a feeling of death lingered in the air due to the numerous skeletons covering the space.

"You will get what's coming to you, too, Kai Litt."

"Coming to me? What is happening?" the skeleton spoke, albeit only mumbling, hard to understand.

"It worked! It worked!" cackled the middle-aged necromancer once more. His laugh echoed off the walls and hit the lone skeleton laying on the table. "Don't you worry, the soul I fed you was an absolute bastard!"

"Lenny?" the skeleton finally muttered the words, holding his skull.

"You will call me Grand Necromancer Pyrus," Lenny emphasised. "I am your creator. Now, bind yourself to me."

Kai Litt finally had time to evaluate his situation, his mind was not as muddled as before. When his vision became clear, he saw before himself Lenny the IT guy, donning wizard robes and speaking a very foreign tongue. Suddenly, more of that blue light from before shot out of him and found its way into the skull of the skeleton, of himself.

"Lenny, what the fuck?!" Kai could only yell as he held his head in pain.

"Some of your soul must have left, after all, it's a newly-created ritual," Lenny mumbled. "Even better, know that it is I who will end you, Grand-"

"Dipshit Lenny?" Kai inadvertently asked, suddenly remembering Lenny's nickname.

As a response, however, Lenny intensified the outpour of his mana into the skeleton further.

"It doesn't matter," said Lenny, gritting his teeth. "There'll be nothing of you left soon."

As the mana intensified, Kai's thoughts became hectic and almost incomprehensible. "Stop it!" he yelled as he reached out a hand toward Lenny.

"Skeletons, restrain him!" Lenny yelled an order which caused all skeletons previously inanimate on the ground to animate and quickly act to hold down Kai.

Kai started flailing about, his headache was almost killing him at this point.

"Lenny, stop!" he yelled. "What the hell is this?"

"Beg me, then!" Lenny guffawed and continued using his mana to try and subdue him. He was actually surprised at how long a process this was. He congratulated himself for creating such a tough undead. With this creature, he will be sure to rule the dungeon.

Even though Kai was only flailing with his skeleton body, his flailing arms broke the skeletons whenever they hit them.

"I told you to stop!" Kai finally yelled in anger and threw one of the skulls he ripped out of another skeleton at Lenny, which hit his head with immense force and caused him to lose his balance and fall.

"Kill the bastard!" Lenny yet gave another command to the skeletons while he held his bleeding forehead with a wretched look on his face. Undead were only good at being fodder or be used as brute force, after all. They would be better at killing than they were at holding another skeleton down.

The skeletons started mercilessly hitting Kai, and at this point, he was hurting quite a lot. Kai noticed that at that moment when he hit Lenny, the headaches and the pain stopped. His thoughts became clearer, and he understood his situation a tad better, albeit insane from all perspectives.

"I can't let you do that again," Kai muttered as he shook the skeletons and rushed at Lenny. They weren't that far apart, so he was quickly before the necromancer.

Lenny raised a staff and hit him with a lightning attack, he was fearful of his masterpiece. The lightning hit Kai and caused him to momentarily stagger, but the spell was quickly absorbed into Kai.

"Fix whatever this is, or I'll beat the shit out of you," Kai said, furious. He was still half-sure this was all a lucid dream-gone-wrong type of situation, but he was afraid, too.

"My name is Grand Necromancer Pyrus!" Lenny yelled and released another burst of mana, attacking Kai's mind again.

Kai was already angry, so he punched Lenny with the intention of at least breaking his nose. He deserved that much at least. But he hadn't fully understood his situation, yet. His punch meant to break his nose caused a visible depression on Lenny's face and his body limply fell on the floor. His skeletons attacking Kai also fell on the ground without a warning.

"Oi, Lenny! Get the hell up!" Kai yelled at the body of his former co-worker. How the hell was he in such a place? Since when was the world this crazy?

"Lenny? Did I knock you out?"

Without the interference of Lenny's mana, his thoughts were finally clear once more, and he suddenly heard another voice.

*Congratulations for killing the Intermediate Necromancer Lenny. As a reward, the player will be provided with the Job: Necromancer. Accept?*

"Yes" and "No" options appeared hovering in front of his eyes. Without even thinking, he clicked "Yes", and accepted the system, along with the necromancer's job.

*Congratulations for accepting the system and your new job: Necromancer*

*You can view your status from the Character page*

*You can view your skills from the Skills page*

*To access a tab, send a mental command*

*Welcome to the System, Kai Litt, enjoy*

Kai's vision was suddenly filled with a simple UI if he wished to see it. He also happened to see a small timer in the top-right corner. It was counting down from 12 hours.

"What is the timer for?" Kai suddenly found himself asking. He was mentally shaken, having just killed someone he knew from work with one punch. Where was he to go after this? At least this new insanity of his would give him something to do.

*As Necromancer Lenny was inexperienced, his creation was severely incomplete. In 12 hours, you will turn into ash*


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