I was Reincarnated in FATE as Kirei Motherfucking Kotomine!!

The world of FATE is very vast and mysterious. Along with the various inhabitants of that universe it isn't a stretch to say that it is one of the greatest universe's there is. With power houses that could even destroy the planet being born there it is a fascinating world for many. That was the impression that our hero had of the world of FATE. Also due to the fact that there were various powerful Servants and all and that most of them were female. It wasn't a mystery why many liked it due to the amount of waifu' in it. So he was very surprised when he found himself reincarnated as a baby in the FATE universe. He was initially happy but his happiness went away when he realised just who he had reincarnated as as he shouted to the Heaven's in his mind. "I was Reincarnated in FATE as Kirei Motherfucking Kotomine!!" This is how the new Kirei will traverse through the World of FATE as he makes his own destiny.

Lust_Demon_Samael · Anime & Comics
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15 Chs

14. Recon and Summoning

Kirei was done creating the ward as he went and sat in the living room with Maria. She sat beside him as he pulled out a map of Romania as they both looked at it as Maria made sure to remember it as Kirei looked at it analytically.

"We can't just run around and try to find the Holy Grail, it might be a fake one but it still an artifact which was created by using some powerful magecraft." Kirei said to her as he looked at the map.

"What do we need to do?" Maria asked him with her usual emotionless face.

Kirei glanced at her for a second before he looked at the map with a thoughtful look.

"We have to do some recon first. You will change into civilian clothes and walk through the streets and get information. No matter how strong a Servant is, they won't be able to distinguish the fact that you are a member of the Church." Kirei said to her calmly.

"Okay." Maria said with a nod at his words.

"However be always vigilant. I will be in the vicinity so if there is any problems then move away from the area and try to find me." Kirei said to her seriously.

"Understood. I will be careful." Maria said as she nodded to him.

Kirei smiled and rubbed her head as she enjoyed it as she felt elated due to it. She liked it when he focused his attention on her as she craves it to am extent. She leaned onto his hand as she felt it as he just chuckled at her behaviour.

"Let's eat for now and then we can make a more concrete plan." Kirei said to her as she nodded to him.

He went out and bought some food which the two ate silently. It was good and the two liked it as they ate it, after which they both got into civilian clothes and sat at the living room and discussed their next course of action.

"So you understand the plan?" Kirei asked her after he explained his plan.

"Yes." Maria said as she nodded to him.

"Good. We will do recon for 1 and a half hours and then return to the house. We must make sure to stay in this area and no go out, being in an unfamiliar land of other mages, we will have to be cautious. And don't try to fight any mages if you find any and make sure to be discreet and move away without them noticing and if they do then distract them and flee." Kirei said to her seriously as he pointed at the map.

"Understood. I will not fight with any mages I find in the area." Maria said to him as he nodded with a smile.

"Good. Let's go." Kirei said as he stood up with Maria following.

But Maria also used this chance to look him over as he is wearing dark blue jeans, white banian and black shirt over it. His muscles can also be seen and with this attire it can be seen more clearly. He looks handsome in these civilian clothes and she knows it as she looked him over.

'Kirei looks really good in them.' Maria thought to herself as she looked at him.

Then the two left their temporary home and walked through the city streets. The both of them made sure to remember the details of the streets, since even though the map is helpful it can't show a fully detailed view of the streets. They returned back to their home after the trip as the both of them were relieved to see that the other is fine.

"Good to see that you are fine." Kirei said to her with a smile.

"Me too." Maria said with a small smile on her face.

They both entered the house as he placed his hand on her head, his magic circuits activated as he used his eyes to scan her before concluding that she is fine and that she doesn't have any kind of spells on her.

"So, let's now analyse what we know of the city." Kirei said to her as she nodded to him.

They each told the information they have got and understood the city much better then before. The residents of the city, the normal folk have no idea about the moonlit world as expected. The curious thing however is the fact that there isn't any kind of police or government force in the land of the Yggdmillenia.

They had come across many people who wore a white uniform and had the Yggdmillenia clan symbol on their clothes. It didn't take them long to realise that they are homunculi created by the clan.

"It should be pretty easy to take care of the homunculi right?" Maria asked him as she looked at him.

"Homunculi usually don't have a will of their own and just follow whatever their Master orders them to. And they aren't that intelligent, it all boils down to the creator. Not to mention the fact that they can also be used as mana batteries. They don't possess an ego for themselves." Kirei said to her as he looked at her.

It did remind him of Maria as she is still following him, but he thinks that he is starting to affect her as she is starting to slowly change.

"We can't move around freely with them patrolling the place. And since they control the area then they will know about everything that happens inside." Maria said as she looked at him.

"Exactly. Unless we find the Grail, we wo—" Kirei said before he stopped in the middle as he thought about an idea.

"What is it?" Maria asked him as she looked at him.

"I think, we need to try to summon a servant." Kirei said to her as he looked at her.

"Why now?" Maria asked him a bit confused.

"Considering the fact that there is going to be a grail in this territory, it is of no question that Servants will be summoned. However, we cannot fight with the Servants as they might overwhelm us." Kirei said to her seriously.

"So we summon a servant first to make sure that we can fight back." Maria said as she looked at him.

"Exactly." Kirei said with a smile as he rubbed her head.

'And if it has the power to grant wishes then I can ask it to give me the ability to feel all emotions.' Kirei thought to himself as he thought about it.

"But, how do we do the summoning?" Maria asked him as she looked at him.

"I know how to do the summoning spell. Don't worry about it." Kirei said to her with a small smile.

"That's a relief. You are always prepared." Maria said with a small smile on her face.

"I have to be if I want to protect myself and you. Now let me go make a summoning circle quickly." Kirei said as he stood up.

Maria got up as well as she followed him to a spacious room. He immediately got to work as he drew the summoning circle in minutes, after which he looked at the circle to make sure that it is fine and nodded to himself. He then created a bounded field to make sure to at least hide himself there.

"Good, the summoning circle is complete and doesn't have any problems. Now I just have to initiate the summoning." Kirei said as he is satisfied with his work.

He raised his hand and was about to start the chant but then stopped himself as he looked at his hand and then at Maria, who is instead looking at him confused.

'I don't have a catalyst so the Servant I will be summoning will be based on my personality if I'm correct. But if the servant I am able to summon is dengerous then it will be a bit difficult and might be dangerous for maria.' Kirei thought to himself as he looked at her.

"Maria, go stand out of this room." Kirei said to her seriously.

"Why?" Maria asked him in turn.

"Should the Servant I summon be dangerous then it might target you. So I want you to be in a safe distance okay." Kirei said to her seriously.

"Okay." Maria said with a nod before she walked out of the door.

Though she kept on looking inside as Kirei just smiled at her. Then he turned his attention to the summoning circle and raised his hand.

He started to say the chant as the summoning circle started to react to it as it started to glow red. He continued the chant as he kept his eyes on the circle as it glowed brighter with each passing second.

"Seventh Heaven clad in the Great Words of Power.

From the Binding Circle vow Guardian of the Scales.

If you heed my call then answer!" Kirei chanted as the room was bathed in red light.

Kirei and Maria had to cover her eyes due to the brightness. He felt a slight burning sensation on the back of his right hand as he saw the command spells as he looked towards the summoned Servant.

'Well, I guess things are about to start.' Kirei thought to himself as he looked ahead of himself.

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