I was reincarnated as a Crow? (DROPPED)

A man dies and comes back as a crow in the MCU. How thrilling! But then dies again and comes back as a crow (again)? What the heck? It has a bit of a rocky start up mostly because I wasn't taking it seriously, but I promise it balances it out later in the story.

Banchii · Anime & Comics
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I'm the biggest bird.

I clicked yes on the evolution question and soon my vision went black.

[Evolution time: 2 days]

I woke up two days later and holy shit! Good thing I wasn't in the city anymore because I think the Avengers would have a problem with me being here.

Syntax, status please.

[Name: Unnamed]

[Age: 1]

[Race: Roc Descendant]

[Weight: 2400lbs]

[Height: 30ft]

[Wingspan: 80ft]

[Rank: D+]

[Organic Energy: 100]



[Roc's Calling]*

[Piercing Blow]*

[Crushing Force]*

[Wing Strike]*

* = New or evolved skills.



[Sharp Talons] -> [Iron Talons]

[Sharp Beak] -> [Iron Beak]

[Hawk Vision] -> [Roc Vision]

[Hawk Screech] -> [Roc Vocal Cords]

Needless to say, I'm a big fucking bird. I went from barely being two feet tall to being as tall as a telephone poll. Not only that but my feathers have went from all black to having black with hints of golden and dark brown feathers here and there. My beak was a dark gold color and my talons were a dull grey color.

I have no idea where I am but with such a high viewpoint of everything, I think I was in the outskirts of the city and on the edges of a nearby forest. I fully extended my wings and took flight, creating a medium sized gust and dust cloud. I flew high into the air, so as to not alert the New Yorkers or Avengers below, but I'm guessing S.H.I.E.L.D. has found me out by now, I mean I'm a 30 foot bird, not very inconspicuous.

Despite me being so high in the air, I could still see the ground pretty clearly, and I see a very large Stark tower that I somehow didn't notice before. Since it's Stark tower, that means the Avengers technically don't exist as of right now. While I was in my brief stupor, I heard the roaring of an engine and when I looked ahead of me, a large commercial plane was headed in my direction.

Hey Syntax, would I get any OE if I destroyed this plane?

[Simply destroying it, no. But if you consumed the passengers inside yes.]

Oh, well that's all I needed to know. I flew towards the plane and landed on top of it. The plane shook violently and I could hear the human inside distressing. Despite me being human previously, I feel no connection towards them, I could ignore them if I so wanted to but, it's free food. You can never decline free food.

I dug my talons into the fuselage and began flapping my wings, I flew upwards and surprisingly moved the airplane with relative ease. Now let the buffet begin.


[POV: James Goodwin]

"Are we almost there daddy?" My, daughter asked for the 15th time. I loved this little girl with my entire soul but sometimes she can be a bit like her mother, annoying...

I smiled, "Yes honey, we are almost there I promise." She pouted before looking out the window again. I went back to enjoying the sweet embrace of sleep before she tapped my arm again. I opened my eyes in a bit of annoyance.

"Daddy look! A birdy!" My daughter pointed out the window. I annoyed at first but when I saw what was heading our way, I was terrified. That wasn't a bird, that was a monster. It was huge, and it's black and gold feathers seemed to shine beautifully in the moonlight.

I blinked out of my slight hypnosis and brought my daughter into my embrace. I stared outside of the window for a bit longer and the bird had seemed to disappear. I almost breathed a sigh of relief until I felt the entire plane shake violently. I hugged my daughter tighter and the pilot soon came over the intercom.

"Attention all passengers, we're experiencing heavy turbulence. Please put your seatbelts on, thank you." Turbulence? This wasn't fucking turbulence, the goddamn bird landed on top of our goddamn plane!

My theory was proven correct as eight grey talons ripped through the roof of the plane. At that point I could only close my eyes and pray. May God help us all...


[POV: Tony Stark]

"Sir, please wake up, there is an emergency." Jarvis said over the house intercom. Tony rolled in his bed before waking up, "What's the emergency Jarvis? I swear to god, if it's another humanitarian crisis that needs a billionaire in a metal suit then I will seriously lose my shit."

"Does it count as humanitarian if the one causing said crisis isn't human sir?" Tony sighed before going down to his basement, "Yes Jarvis, in my book it does." Tony brought up a holographic screen, "So what's the emergency Jarvis?"

"From what I've collected, Flight-217 going to LA, was taken out of the air by a giant bird." Tony was silent for a few moments before sighing, "Are you serious? A giant bird? What's next? An alien invasion where I have to team up with a God and a super solider?"

"That was oddly specific sir. Are you doing alright?" Tony sighed and got into his suit, "Yeah, I'm fine. Send me the coords, it looks like we're having chicken for a week Jarvis." Tony flew into the air and shot towards the flight's last known location.



Although pulling the airplane was easy, it sure was a slow fucking process. I would be tempted to drop this son of a bitch if it weren't for the fact that most of my food would die and be in pieces. After what felt like hours, I finally arrived above a clear plot of land and I began to descend.

Once the plane touch solid ground I took my talons out of the fuselage and used my beak to tear the roof off. Inside the plane were countless shivering humans, It was a pretty amusing sight. I picked a human at random and ate him in one gulp, to be honest they taste pretty delicious. Guess this is why aliens and monsters love eating them so much.

[45 Organic Energy gained (145)]

And they gave a pretty good amount of OE, I'm going to enjoy this, very very much. I began eating the humans en masse, I made sure they couldn't run because I destroyed their eardrums with a minor [Roc's Calling]. I don't know how long it took, because I was enjoying myself, but eventually all the humans were eaten.

[7290 Organic Energy gained (7435)]

[Skills gained: Speech, Accelerated Thought]

[Traits gained: Arms(2), Complex bone structure, Complex muscle structure, Teeth]

[Traits have been mutated by your Roc blood: Roc Bones, Roc Muscles, Iron Teeth]

It felt like a bazillion ants were eating my flesh and went the pain resided, I had two large feathery arms that had five fingers adorned with long grey talons. I tested my new limbs, they were pretty cool. My fun was quickly cut short by an attack, a very fucking hot attack, that burned the feathers on my back and sent me into the ground.

When I recovered and looked up I saw who it was. Tony motherfucking Stark.