I Was Reborn As a Bat

What should you do when you seemingly die and wake up as a bat? Well let's see what's Vanessa's answer to that oddly specific question. "Why are there so many monstrous animals around?" :Evolution Available: "What can I turn into?" "Wait It's a human? then can I see my human family again?"

Rayith · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
5 Chs

I'm In a cave?

"Yeah dad, I'm heading over the trail now." My name is Vanessa Henver, 24 year's old, workaholic with a game addiction with any spare time I get.

"You should be careful. The Jake's said they've been running into weird animals around the woods." I'm currently talking to my father as I drive over to the their cabin. I bought it for them as a anniversary present. It was on the cheaper side but still cost me 5 years of my salary.

"Weird animals? Why did you only now say that now, dad!?" I slowed down significantly at the warning.

"Nobody's been hurt and your a coward who wouldn't come if i did, V." I felt my like I had been stabbed but I knew he was wasn't wrong.

"I wish could see you more Sweety~." Mom's words tipped me off to that mom probably convinced dad not to tell me. I slowly drove down a non paved road now glancing around nervously.

"I do too mom, I'm trying to get my weekends off but my boss is denying my requests saying 'You already get 10 hours off a day why would you need more' and I could only use some of my vacation days to visit." Memories of his stupid smirk but I don't have another job lined up yet.

"How did that bastard end up being your boss anyway?" I felt the same as my mom. He's been to running my branch of the company into the ground ever since he replaced Mike.

"He probably has family con- The hell is that?!" I pressed my breaks as a massive deer with what looked like crystal antlers jumped out infront of my car.

"V, what's wrong?" Me and the deer stared at each other before it ran off into the woods to ny left.

"Um... there was one of those weird animals, luckily it just left and didn't try to mess with the c-" I heard something to my right I turned just in time to see something crash into the car.

"Swee-" I couldn't do anything as it made me fly into the car door window.




Warmth surrounded me as I drifted in darkness.

Then I was forced into biting cold then warmed again.

Then cold hit me again and then hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, so cold, it's so cold.




I woke up to dripping sounds and rain coming down hard around me. 'I'm alive, did my parents find me?'

'I want to see them.' I tried to sit up but struggled a few times before managing to and rubbed my eyes.

'I feel kinda weird, did I break something? but nothing hurts though?' I groggly opened my eyes expecting to be in my house but all I saw was dark blue walls, Stalactates, stalagmites and water all over the grimy floor.

'Where am I?' I tried to stand up but my legs couldn't handle my own weight causing me to fall and roll into a nearby puddle.

pushing myself up out of the puddle. The puddle slowly went still revealing the reflection of a brown bat looking back at me.

'W-what... WHAT THE HELL!?!?' *Squeak!* I started to panic seeing myself as not me but a animal.

I frantically started looking around for anything to explain what's going on. 'This kind of thing can actually happen!?'

I only snapped out my panic when a cold wind hit my back and realized that I'm freezing. 'Great I'm panicking, wet and really cold.'

'What should I...' I started to calm down when I looked up and saw a massive blood red bat staring at me with what I could think be shock. All could do was make a noise. *Squeak*

"A-are you alright, Vanessa?" The bat made some soft squeaks that I understood as words for some reason.

I wasn't sure how to respond to the giant bat asking if I was alright. "Y-yes." I tried to respond which somehow worked.

"G-good! hold still for a second while I pick you up." Before I could properly react I was picked up and held in their arms, Wings?

It was surprisingly warm in their embrace but I still had no idea what was going on. "Who are you?"

The big bat stayed quiet for a moment. I looked at her face to see them staring at me before their eyes widened. "Oh... right. you don't know me. But you seem smart my Vess? Is because of your trait? "

"Trait? My?" I just kept getting confused over and over again ever since I woke up, it was getting old to me.

"Well for now say status and tell me what trait you have." 'That wasn't really a answer but ok big bat.'

"Status?" I saw a small red and purple screen appeared in front of me.

:Species:Brown Bat

:Name: Venessa

:Vitality: G-

:Strength: H+

:Agility: F

:Intelligence: D+

:Trait:Enduring Soul

"Um... Enduring soul." I stared at screen as the bat wrapped its wings around me which was warm but I was nervous since I couldn't see anything.

"Weird, not a intelligence trait. Why do you speak so well?" The question made me think about how this can be happening.

"Am I related to you?" I really did not want to call them mom or dad.

"It's a bit strange to do this to a child that's less then a week old but I'm Xarana, your mother."