62 Five minutes!




Kelvin picks the phone and starts calling Mia, his face filled with happiness and he forgot the dark aura which was chasing him.

Mia was making coffee in the kitchen while singing songs and suddenly her phone started ringing, she looked at the unknown number call and with a blank face, he picked it.

"Hello," she said curiously.

After hearing her voice he becomes relaxed as he listens to someone whom he cares most for.

"Hello… my dear, how are you doing?" Kelvin asked in a seductive voice and he blinked at Auden who was pretending that he was not feeling anything.

Mia listened to the familiar man's voice and blinked her eyes multiple times. She knows that his voice is of Kelvin, but she still can't believe he can speak like this.

She becomes quiet and becomes blank.


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