I was a merchant NPC before I became the LAST BOSS. Book

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I was a merchant NPC before I became the LAST BOSS.


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Hello. I'm here to tell you that. The main story of this book is already posted. The title is "Looks Is Better Than Stats." I'm going to continue this book later, once the main story progresses, since this is an origin story and Eidos is a really important character in the main story. I actually intended to post the main story first, but because I wanted to join the September event, because the main story is not a revenge story I posted this first. you might thought that this book felt a little bit rushed.  and my answer is because it is. Don't worry, I'm going to make this book much better, but for now, I'll focus on the main story.  I already have 100+ chapters in the main story, and I only need to proofread them. So please keep supporting me and enjoy the main one. This is the main story synopsis. In the year 2033, humanity achieved an astonishing milestone in the realm of digital technology and interface integration, forever altering what was considered "normal." The Neurochip, a groundbreaking invention by the enigmatic genius "Ilun Mask," swept across the world like a digital tsunami, transforming the very essence of human existence. This transformative technology paved the way for the birth of the world's first Full Dive MMORPG, NEuEarth Online. Amidst the millions of players who ventured into this immersive virtual realm, one particular player stood out. In terms of looks, he is the strongest! but the saying "don't judge the book by its cover" has never been real when it comes to this player. Embark on a journey into this immersive FD- MMORPG, where a grand quest unlike any other awaits. In a departure from convention, the completion of this quest signals the game's ultimate conclusion. Step inside, where digital realms blur with reality, and discover what it truly means to live in a world where boundaries cease to exist


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