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What is I wanted to ask

Read ‘I wanted to ask’ Online for Free, written by the author chaudharylucky2002, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The Marriage Agreement: Mr. Ceo has got a new wife.

[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT.] ________ "Sometimes it takes two opposites to make a whole." *** Stephanie is an impoverished adult, for whom, no matter how hard she tries to work, she is always in debt. Life is simple with her grandmother, but once they receive a lease, she throws away her pride and accepts the Marriage proposal from the notorious C.E.O, Oliver Black.  The only problem is, Stephanie did not know that she was virtually selling her soul to a devil.  _______ EXPERT: "You will be my wife." Stephanie's eyes widened, the man was speaking utter nonsense. She waited for him to laugh, to say that he was simply being humorous but his expression was stoned. “Excuse me?” She blinked, taken aback, “Are you insane? You can not possibly be sane if that is what I heard you say.”  The man continued to scribble on the paper, disinterested in the girl’s outburst. “You will marry me, I fell in love with you, my assistant.” He said casually as if it was somewhat ordinary.  Steph grasped her knees, “This is sending me insane. I did not sign for this. I will not be one of your subjects.” “Trust me, shortcake, I wouldn’t want you to be. Bite-size isn't my type." He opened his desk drawer and searched through his files, took out a folder and placed it in front of the enraged girl, "I thought you would be a little more excited that you're being hired."  "Hired? Is this what this is? How is marriage a part of this position? I was assigned to be an assistant."   "And you will be." He leaned back into his chair and crossed his legs, "Like I said, you will be an assistant whom I fell in love with. Sweet office romance, a story everyone loves." He then sighed once staring at Steph's blank expression, "I am being blackmailed. A rumor is supposedly to be released about me where I can possibly lose my company if it were to escalate. I do not have much time. If you open that file you will have the information on Samantha Campbell she is the one trying to sue me," He huffed, a regretful snicker on his face. "It was only a one night stand, however she was just begging for more. I told you, women find me rather appealing." And with that agreement came rules. "But one thing to add if you are to agree," His expression turned serious, his grey eyes dark and casted, "Do not fall in love with me. I will not return it. This is strictly business, no strings attached. Do not expect me to fall for you.”   *The cover does not belong to me. Credits goes out to the rightful owner.

Cloudii_Skies · Urban
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Try Moving On

Jasmine who has a mysteries background and works at medical in order to feed her desire for blood. Also doesn't remember her past from 15 years that she’s been sleeping. Struggling with what is hunting her. While finding out her powers or genes? Problem: she doesn't trust people, especially mens but why. Linus is a man who's a billionaire, fearless and heartless with a cold attitude or so people thought. But he's an alpha werewolf with magic. While trying to live for his daughter when his MATE left/Rejected him for a demon?????????. What will happen when he gets 2nd Chance? Who’s cautious of him! Will he risk having this relationship or run away from it?? ** Peek from a Chapter** When she saw him and their eyes locked. Jazmine could feel her heart beating so fast, this phenomena never happened before to me, Jazmine could feel this happens each time Jasmine met Linus. But why did he come home early? I’ve been avoiding Linus these past few days. Whenever I make my little bun get ready for school before he comes down for breakfast she leaves and when Linus comes home it is always when we're sleeping. But just looking Those beautiful green and blue eyes that each time he sees me getting darker I could feel my face getting red by just remembering how he-he kissed.... She just can’t get enough of him. I’ve missed him so much that it was getting harder just to avoid him. When Linus saw her checking him out and her breath changed rapidly since he has a keen sense of hearing he started walking to her and she started to walk back until she felt the wall behind her she could feel his breath neart her. Before she could speak he just side hugged her since she was holding bowl and said “ i missed you kitten” i could feel his hot breath on my neck and this deep husky voice Wait whaaaaat did he-he just said now i’m 100% sure my whole face is red like tomato. She just wanted to grab him and bounce on him to OMG i'm embarrassed what i’m thinking about, i’m such a pervert it all because of him he influenced me to this. She came out from his embrace, he put both his hands on my face and pampered with kisses all her face except her lips and then he looked at her eyes that were wide open when he kissed her. It is not that it's her first time he kissed her but those gentle eyes that wanted more to kiss her lips. She can feel his hot scent infiltrating her nose that makes it hard for her to breath. “ Kitten why have you been avoiding me” oh no he knows he-he “how do you know i’ve been avoiding you?’’ he just gave that look saying -are you seriously asking this-. “ kitten what wrong? You don’t like me getting closer to you”. I could see from his eyes that this question hurt but still he kept his face emotionless at the same time. If you watch him closer you could feel that his emotionless face is cracking up like he's waiting for my words to break his heart. she felt a sharp needle in her heart by just thinking how he will feel if i-i…. I can’t control these emotions anymore. I'm sure my heart wants him. Why should I control it? I want to take the risk, feeling better by just thinking he will be mine. I felt relaxed and breathed out that i didn’t even know i was holding and said “ kiss me and make me yours” she saw how his face lit up but just saying this. Before she could say more he intrabted and said “ you have always been MINE”. Linus takes that bowl she was holding and puts it near then grabs her waist on his right hand while the other on her neck then captures her lips like he’s been starved for years and found his food finally. ** End Of Peek** My lovely reader this story is mine but the cover isn't all right goes to the rightful owner. I hope you enjoy this story.

Areum_Aera · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs


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