I Want to Seek Love, with Sincerity. Book

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I Want to Seek Love, with Sincerity.


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I was an Oprhan, having a plain and unattractive looks and depression life. I Used to be being bullied by everyone since i was a child as being an Orphan. I was working a part-time job at a Gay Bar. When i was doing my job, i got fucked in the mouth and back on my ass. Upon running from the man who was stumbled down on the alley, i run as far as i can, and a car crashed into me and run. "Why.. Why is my life so miserable? I don't want to die!" I thought i woke up in heaven or hell, but, unfortunately, wgen i woke up, i saw the face of the man who was fuck me, last night. "Wait! Why this man! What the hell is happening!"


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