1 I Don't Like My Attitude

"So it's o-over?" A sweet voice rings in Kaden's ears as he looks outside the window of the donut shop he's in with a bored stare. Taking his eyes off of the moving traffic and the walking people outside he looks into the eyes of the girl in front of him. She has long blonde hair that reaches her shoulders and some light red marks on her cheeks as tears stream down them. The tears fall on her white flowery summer dress that reveals her lightly tanned arms and shoulders as the rest of the dress is hidden below the table between them, not that he cared in the least.

"Yes. I'm sorry it's not your fault. I just need to work on myself more, I don't think I'm ready for a relationship quite yet." Kaden says looking into her eyes with a blank expression as her face is still streaming with tears.

"I'm going to leave now. I called an uber to take you home safely so you don't have to walk." Kaden said getting up from the table, not picking up his food or drink since he didn't order any. Kaden tried getting out of this uncomfortable situation as fast as possible by moving briskly toward the door.

Right as he was nearing the door a hand grabbed his shoulders making him shiver, uncomfortable with being touched. He turned around to see the same girl looking into his eyes with a new sort of fire going as he could see the tears she smeared across her cheek. "Be honest with me, Kaden. Is the real reason you're breaking up with me is that I'm not enough for you?"

Kaden stared into her fiery eyes with a blank stare for a moment before taking her hand off. He gently pulled it off with his other hand and then dropped her hand lower so it wouldn't strain if she wasn't prepared, "Yes." He responded, immediately turning away and walking out before she can speak.

Once he was outside the facade was off and he began sprinting through the streets toward his apartment as fast as he could. He was running at a pace that was fast but not too fast so he wouldn't run into the passing people that were staring at him strangely.

'I need to get home.' Kaden chanted inside his mind as he ran through the streets towards his apartment. His ragged breath was apparent to many bystanders as he passed them. They wondered why he was running so desperately as there was no one behind him but they just chalked it up to being drugs or some mental problem.

After running for a few minutes Kaden arrived at a towering semi-decent-looking building with a few people entering and exiting it. Kaden then sprinted through the double doors of the building and crossed the carpet of the main floor ignoring the person at the front desk waving to him before luckily enough finding an already open elevator and entering inside immediately pressing the close button.

'Please close. Please close. Please close.'

Eventually, the elevator doors started to close and Kaden let out a sigh of relief and began trying to put himself back together straightening his hair and then fixing his clothes before putting back on a decent-looking face that looked less tired and stressed from the interaction earlier.

Right as the elevator door was about to close a hand slipped through the closing doors making them reopen. Kaden looked down at the reason for the door reopening seeing a veiny hand with black fingernail polish on each finger.

Once the door fully reopened a pale taller girl was revealed wearing all black clothes which included sweatpants and a hoodie with a flaming skull on it. She had long flowing jet-black hair that reached down to the middle of her back in addition to a gorgeous face that also wore black lipstick and eyeliner. She also had a wire coming out of her pocket leading to her ears which held earbuds that seemed to be playing some high-volume heavy metal which Kaden also enjoyed.

Instead of trying to strike up a conversation with the girl Kaden immediately moved to the other side of the elevator avoiding the confrontation or potential conversation with the girl wanting to do nothing but go home to his bed.


The girl looked up as she entered seeing an average-height dude with black curly hair that almost covered his sparkling blue eyes. He was wearing a fancier outfit with khaki pants and a button-up blue collared shirt. As she was about to open her mouth to ask him to move over some since they were the only two on the elevator and she didn't want another guy hitting on her or trying to get her number like the last 5 stores, he moved himself even avoiding eye contact with her as he went to the corner of the elevator.

'Well, that's a first.' She thought in her mind as she moved to the opposite side of the elevator and occasionally peeked at him as the elevator rode upward.


'Phew, seems she doesn't want to speak either. That's good.' Kaden thought inwardly as the elevator started going up the floors of the apartment building.

Normally the thought of starting a conversation with such a girl would interest Kaden due to her appearance but after what happened earlier the spark of interest he would normally have in such a girl was gone. He just wanted the comfort of his own home.

Once the elevator went up for a few moments the bell dinged inside the elevator signaling the arrival of a destination. Realizing that the number shining on the screen was the number 3 Kaden immediately started walking forward to get off but bumped into something solid like a brick wall.


Rubbing his head lightly Kaden looked in the direction of the thing that he hit with his head but all he saw was the color black.

"Sorry about that." Kaden heard a voice say above him. Then slowly turning his head up Kaden met eyes with the reason he hit his head. It was the girl beside him in the elevator also trying to get off.

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