Years back

On the outskirts of the city, the road was deserted with hardly any cars passing by except an expensive car that was parked near the road. Heavy rain was falling, and it was very chilly that late afternoon.

“Mom! Please don't leave!” A little boy of 6 years who was just dropped from an expensive car cried out, he was afraid of the things to come if his mother dumped him in an unknown and deserted place where there appears to be no signs of humans.

The little boy was a bit thin and malnourished, he was dressed in dirty and worn-out clothing from head to toe, but that couldn't even hide his handsome and noble expression. He cried out pitifully with tears streaming down his handsome little face.

He was trying to pull the woman's gown, but the woman looked unfazed, dressed in expensive luxury from up to down, she coldly pushed the small boy away with contempt and disgust written on her face while the guards watched everything nonchalantly.

The woman pushed the boy again when he tried to hold her expensive clothes with his dirty hand, which caused the boy to land on the main road while the woman turned away.

Unfortunately, a car was passing by at speed, and it was too late for the driver to avoid hitting the little boy.


The sound of a car crash filled the woman's ears, which caused her to turn to look back. There he was, the little boy crying a minute ago lying listlessly on the floor with blood filling beneath him, the woman's face didn't change. She turned back and continued on her way.

“Mom.” The little boy cried out in pain, the last scene he saw was his mother unfazed and turning her back on him as he fell into death's hand, yet he couldn't understand why she had always hated him.

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