I Try To Enjoy My Life But This Woman Keep Calling Me Villain

All my life, I never once know what it is to be a family. My parents did not care about me and didn't let me start with my siblings. Even when I diagnose with Terminal Illness by the doctor, they did not care about me. The only thing that accompanies me in this lonely hospital bedroom is the game called Second Life. Sadly, all good things must end, and so is Second Life. I decide to stay inside the game until the end and wait for me to release my final breath. However, I'm reincarnated to another life when I open my eyes. I promise to enjoy my Second Life in this world. Now, if only this woman stopped calling me a villain for a second, that would be great.

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Chapter 35

When I arrive in front of the mansion, the guard approaches me and says,

"Young master, your Lord Father calling for you to the meeting room. We are just about to look for you."

"Meeting room? Got it."

I quickly walk to the meeting room, where I can see an unfamiliar guard standing in front of the meeting room. When I get closer to the meeting room, I see they want to stop me, but before they can do that, our family's guard walks forward and bows at me.

"Welcome back, Young master Gwyndolin."

When they announce my name, the one who wants to stop me back away and nods their heads.

"Young master, please get inside. Your Lord Father is waiting for you."

"Thank you."

They open the door, and I walk inside the room. I can see my father, mother, and two strangers when I step inside the room.

"Ah, Gwyn! It is good you are here. Let me introduce you to our guests."

I nod and look at the two guests. He introduces me to the middle-aged man first.

"This is Bernard Anselm Vulvul, the Duke of Vulvul Dukedom of Luzia."

"It is nice to meet you, young man."

I smile and bow at him.

"It is nice to meet you, my lord."

"Sitting next to him is Hildegard Brinan Luzia, the third princess of the Luzia kingdom. Lord Bernard is the uncle of the princess."

I bow at her and say.

"It is an honor to meet you, princess."

"Please call me Hilda, Heir Grwyndolin."

"Then please call me Gwyn."

She smiles at me as I sit next to my mother.

"Can I ask why you call me, father?"

My father nods his head and says.

"I will let them tell you about their situation."

I look at our guests and let them start their stories.

"The reason why we come here is to ask your group to help us." Hilda is the one who starts talking. "We have been talking to your Lord Father and while he and the other southern lords cannot help us because of the threat of Gokuya Kingdom, he offers us a solution, you."


"And your group, yes. I know you don't know us but I beg you, I beg you to help us."

Hilda and her uncle suddenly bow at me. I look at my father and mother, who are just looking at me. I release a sigh and say.

"Please raise your head and tell me what seems to be the problem."

They raise their heads, and I can see Hilda smile at me. A second later, Lord Bernard takes out an orb. Hilda looks at my father and says.

"Lord Alexander, can I use my talent?"

"Of course."

"Thank you."

After saying her thanks, she put her finger to her temple, and a second later, a blue string appeared. She puts it inside the orbs, and a hologram appears above the orb. My parents and I frown at the sight in front of us.

"As you can see, we have a big problem."

What the orb shows us is a massive Void Crack,

"The Void Crack in front of you appeared a month ago. However, it should not be a problem if it is only that. What makes us worried is what will happen in our kingdom."

"What happened?"

She takes another string from her head and places it in the orb. A second later, another image appears above the orb. This time, the image is something horrifying. A lot of people are lying on the ground. What catches my attention is their swollen armpits, groin, and neck. I also can see their hands blacken; they have already entered the necrosis phase.

The worse corpses have their arms throughout the necrosis phase and turn black; the same with their noses.

I know this. I once read it in a history book. I think this is called the Black Death. It once appeared in medieval times when humans still fought using swords and bows. The second wave of the Black Death appeared in the early days of the Atomic Age when people did not believe what the government told them and thought that Black Death was a myth and started breeding rats. We call that age the Idiotic Age, where we learn not to repeat.

"Black Death…"

"Pardon me?"

Hilda looks at me in confusion and with some bit of hope.

"The name of the plague is Black Death. This plague is spread from the fleas of the animals that mostly ride on rats. I did not need to tell you the reason why it is called Black Death."

Hilda looks at the corpse and nods her head.


"This is bad. That thing can kill millions of people."

"Million? Are you sure, Gwyn?"

I look at my father and nod my head.

"Yes. I once read it in a history book from the Eastern Continent. It killed more than 25 million people in the Eastern Continent in four years."

I decided to give a small white lie to make my point. I don't know how this plague does in the world with magic, but I will not give it a chance of spreading to other places. It is a miracle that it has not spread already.

I look up and see Hilda and Lord Bernard's faces get pale, as pale as a corpse. Lord Bernard is the first to snap out of his mind and bow so low that his forehead touches the table.

"Heir Gwyndolin! I beg you! Help us! Help us solve this problem! Tell us what you want and we will grant it! Save our people! Please!"

Hilda follows her uncle and also bows her head. I release a sigh and say.

"Please raise your head. I will help you. However, we need to move fast and I need your help."

Hilda raises her head and looks at me with determination.

"Please tell me!"

I nod and say.

"First, I need you to tell your father to isolate himself and wait for us to arrive."

"Got it."

Hilda looks at my father and says.

"My lord, can I borrow your fastest falcon?"

"Of course."

"Thank you." She then looks back at me. "The second one?"

I nod and say.

"Make sure he kills any rats in the city. ALL rats need to die. The third one–"


|3rd POV|

While Gwyn is preparing for another journey, one woman walks around her hideout in panic. She is currently in a dilemma.

"Why? Why must it appear now? Why does the Void Crack need to appear at this moment? The seed is spreading, and soon an undying army will rise from the corpses of those people. However, they need to die because of the seed and not from being killed by a monster."

She looks at the small creatures that look like a flea in the tube and caresses them as if they were her child.

"You are my greatest invention. A spreader of disease! The bringing of stagnation! And the giver of immortality. Ahhh~ You will be the greatest gift to our lord~."

She starts to moan loudly, and the ground underneath her gets wet. She is cumming at the thought of pleasing her master and lord. However, her expression changed into an ugly scowl a second later.

"But! Those mindless creatures dare to stand in my plan to please the lord! How dare they appear when my plan is soon to be complete. Soon my lord controls you all! When our plan is completed, he will be the world's true lord! He will be the king of all kings! He will be the king under the banner of one true god, and those mindless creatures will be under his command!"

The woman continues to ramble for another minute before she calms down and takes a deep breath.

"For now, I need to think about how to get out of this mess. I cannot continue spreading the seed and letting the people defending that damned city get killed. I need those people. They are stronger and more reliable tools for my dear master. However, I don't want to delay the plan even more if I slow the spread. What should I do, master?~."

She quickly kneels in front of a hand-crafted statue of a man holding a staff and a sword.

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