I Transmigrated with Nano Combat Suit

With the hope to find a different universe, Ye Jingyi arrived at the Cultivation world equipped with Modern Knowledge And Technologies! On the first day, he encountered a female cultivator and had dual cultivation with her and became unconscious for a... Year? After waking up he realized that he has been chased by a group of foundation realm assassins. What the heck? Ye Jingyi who is only equipped with a Nano Combat suit which is on the verge of collapse has to protect the unconscious Female Cultivator with the assistance of a... Bald Bear? No matter how he looks at it, The situation seems hopeless but to survive he needs to use his wits and available resources. ..... Follow Ye Jingyi to find out how he uses Science and Technologies to make Cultivation easier. Using Angioplasty to make the foundation stronger! Using Spirit Lotion to make cultivation faster! Mass-producing Foundation breaking through medicine! Using clones for rebirth! And many more, Join Ye Jingyi on a wonderful journey to make cultivation easy and see how he change the whole Cultivation Universe. [I do not own this poster, Original owner can comment and I will take it down.]

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149 Chs

Chapter 141: Start of sect competition

Heavenly Cloud Sect recruits outer sect disciples two times in a year. 

Last recruit happened three months ago. At that time new disciples entered the sect and started cultivation. 

Today is the day of sect competition, when their progress will be examined.

Today almost all outer sect disciples woke up early in the morning and headed toward the competition ground after doing some preparations.

The competition ground was located at the centre of the outer sect and near the entrance of the inner sect which is located in the small world.

All the disciples wearing sect clothes went to the sect competition for various purposes. Some older disciples just went to observe juniors while new disciples went there to participate and get good ranking.

Competitions like this are conducted quarterly so that various High-level leaders of the sect can see new disciples' cultivation progress.