93 An angel who has dog problems

Yani who lived many and knew several worlds before he died had already known the angels, mainly after their descent into the apocalypse. Therefore, it was not strange for him to feel the powerful sacred energy he identifies as this power being belonging to an angel. 

            On the other hand, Azarphy was slightly surprised and annoyed by the daring of the demons, he had left Arabeth with Emery to keep the human safe while his body was doing a long process of self-healing. 

            The fallen angel was a little, just a little, worried about Emery, since his body was in a strange process of self-destruction and restoration, the human's life seemed to be by a thread. 

            The most frustrating thing was that he could do nothing to help, after all, the demonic energy and sacred energy were coming into conflict within him, only the energy of nature restored his body and mana tried to keep the conflicting energies under control. 


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