141 The Herbs Are Glowing

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In the end, Mo Ruyue went to wash up and change her clothes. Then, she brought Si Bao to the kitchen to prepare a meal. Now, whenever Mo Ruyue cooked, she would bring Si Bao along. He was a man who aspired to be the best chef in the world.

Today's ingredients were still fresh wild game and wild vegetables. Because she had brought Si Bao with her and there was not enough time, Mo Ruyue did not choose to make soup this time. Instead, she chose the convenient and quick spinach and egg soup.

There were two yellow sheep in today's game. Mo Ruyue kept a hind leg and two large tendrils, and let her put the rest in the large refrigerator in the space. She was going to take them out to melt before dawn the next day.

The two hard dishes for lunch were lamb with fried green onions and roasted lamb legs. In addition, she had prepared some vegetables dipped in sauce, which could relieve the greasy taste of the meat and stimulate the appetite.


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