27 MShop!

[Ding! Time's over! You have completed the Side Quest: Show her who's the Boss!]

[Side Quest: Show her who's the Boss!] (Difficulty/Risk Level: D)

[Q/Descriptions: ...]

[Quest target: Liu Li (E)(17)]

[Time limit: 0:0:00]

[Progress: Make her voluntarily give you a blow job (1/1), make her orgasms (125/50/No upper limit), anal intercourse (1/1)] (Hint: 10 bonus Sex Points per extra orgasm)

[Quest rewards: Unlocking Ugly Bastard System's MShop, 1000 Sex Points]


[Ding! MShop's is now available!]

[Ding! You received 1750 Sex Points (1000+750)]


[Sex Points: 3750 (1000+1000+1750)]


It was already past midnight when the time limit for the Side Quest was over. Besides the reward and bonus Sex Points from the quest, cumming inside Liu Li's holes over 50 times also manually got Yayoi many points.

Looking at the string of notifications, she asked, 'Hey, what is the MShop stand for?"

[Mysterious and Miscellaneous]

"Oh? I like that!"

With a thought, Yayoi opened the MShop.

It was a crystal black-colored system interface that looked like an online shopping website.

The MShop interface doesn't look too special, only a few miscellaneous items like a (small) healing potion, ugly bastard's XXL dildo, perverted lingerie costume, game skills, invisibility potion, etc.


'Hmmm...There was nothing overpowered as I thought. Eh? EhhH!? Wait a minute.' Yayoi rubbed her eyes and looked at the MShop again.

"Really? Invisibility Potion! I want! Oh no, I don't have enough points..."

·Health Potion (Small): 200 SP

Description: Quickly recover from minor injuries upon consumption.

·Invisibility Potion: 10,000 SP

Description: Drinking it will make your body go invisible for 60 minutes.


·Ugly Bastard's Thrusting Art: 200,000.

Description: The rhyme of your vigorous thrusting cock will make women 10x more sensitive. Stacking up to 100x.

·Kamehameha: 500,000.

Description: A particular someone's signature move.

Seeing the invisibility potion and the strange skills, Yayoi started drooling. As if it was reading her mind, the system's voice rang in her mind.

[The MShop is split into two sections. One is Mysterious and the other's Miscellaneous.]

[You can buy miscellaneous stuff like small health potions, stamina potions, and the like in the Miscellaneous section. But the number you can buy is limited.]

[As for the Mysterious section, it's composed of random things that will change weekly with both goods and bad stuff. It would be up to the host whether you had enough Sex Points to exchange when good things appeared. Work hard!]

"Holy cow, except for the miscellaneous stuff, everything else is so exaggeratedly expensive. I'm still just poverty-stricken ugly bastard, haha..."

Yayoi's forehead sweated profusely after looking at some of the items with numerous zero behind them. She even suspects that the system is a troll.

[The system is not a troll!]


[The system is not a troll!]

"You know what? Let's move on."

After digesting everything in her head, Yaoi glanced at Liu Li, who lay almost motionless on the bed. All Yayoi could hear was her weak breathings. Perhaps Liu Li was too tired, but she fell asleep immediately after the last round.

Seeing Liu Li's blissful and relieved expression in her sleep, Yayoi quickly bought a small health potion and fed it to her before continuing with their business. It was so late already, and Yayoi didn't plan to come home that night.

Soon after Liu Li recovered to her peak condition, the lewd moaning filled the room again. Although Yayoi was quite drained after going all out for the last 12 hours, she was determined to earn back that 200 points.




"Hang on, Liu Li. You just have to work till your husband lets out another 20 shots, no biggie!"


Early the following day—



"Huh?" As strange noises rang in her ears, Liu Li, who had just woken up from her sleep, sat up from the bed in confusion. 'What is going on? My body is aching all over...'


After Liu Li reached out to the table next to the bed and rummaged for her glasses, her vision finally became clear again. Once she looked at where the noises came from, she saw 'Xuan Yu,' who has now washed up and fully dressed, grinning while holding his phone.

After a moment, when everything finally sank in, Liu Li was enraged!

"You! What the hell are you doing!"

"Hehe, taking some pictures and recording of your cute wake-up moments, of course." Yayoi smiled as she spoke. "Although I don't think you would report your husband to the police, it's better safe than sorry, haha."

After she said that, Yayoi quickly flees out of the room with a *Bam!* as the door slams shut!

Now that the party is over while Liu Li is still muddle-headed, it's time to temporarily pull away since Yayoi doesn't want to deal with any dramas this early in the morning.

Drilling a death glare at the door, Liu Li shouted with all her might.

"Xuan Yu! You bastard! This is not over!"


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