I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

# cinderella # supportingcharacter Song Ci transmigrated into a book as a cannon fodder supporting female character with a burden, also known as her younger brother. The burden Song Yujin said calmly, “Do you plan on hitting me today? If so, hurry up. I have homework to do.” Song Ci was speechless. Wasn’t this the male lead who was tortured by his sister at a young age, and then grew up and tortured the sister back?! As she recalled how the story progressed, Song Ci shuddered and revealed a kind smile. “Yujin, go on and do your homework if you want to. Are you hungry? Why don’t I make you something?” Song Yujin became wary as if his sister was now using a new method to torture him. Song Ci tried several times to gain Song Yujin’s favor but failed, and that made her want to cry. This day, their cheapskate aunt who rarely paid them a visit suddenly showed up. “Cici, take your cousin’s place and marry Lu Gan. Both of you have burdens so you won’t complain about each other.” Song Ci was speechless. What kind of bullsh*t was this? She had read the book and knew the real story. Their aunt’s family only aimed for Lu Gan because of his good looks and wealthy family background. But now that Lu Gan’s legs were ruined in a car crash, they were trying to push this mess to her instead! Song Ci said, “Sure, I’ll marry him.” Song Ci wanted to refuse, but then she remembered that Lu Gan and his ruthless son ended up hating her in the book for refusing the marriage! If she didn’t agree, her life would be endangered! After they got married… Lu Gan: My dear, are you hungry? Why don’t I make you something? The great villain: Mom, I earned a billion. That’ll be your pocket money! Song Yujin: I saw a rather acceptable necklace in an auction. It’s almost worthy of you, I guess. Song Xi was speechless. All of a sudden, she was being pampered by bigshots!

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Awkward Scene in the Morning

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Gan kissed Song Ci. He was panting. 

"Behave yourself."

Then, he bit Song Ci's lips. 

"If this goes on, neither of us will sleep tonight."

Song Ci whispered, "That's why I offered to help you."

"The children are right next to us!"

Lu Gan could not but grind his teeth.

"So it'll be alright as long as we're away from the children?"

"Song Ci was sincerely puzzled.

Lu Gan lowered his head and kissed his wife deeply again. Song Ci could not say anything. Looking at her, he thought to himself, 'She's so attractive!'

"Be good. Shut up. Close your eyes and go to sleep."

Song Ci hugged Lu Gan and refused to let go. She looked at him with puppy eyes, not knowing she was being seductive.

Lu Gan felt that he had to take a cold shower. Otherwise, he would not be able to sleep tonight!

"Babe, go to sleep."

He turned off the lights.