654 You guys suck

Was Heaven okay?

Knowing Heaven had been with her men to set some facts straight could be a source of a person's wild imagination. For instance, the thought that she would confront Tiger, Wolf, Moose, and Joker could lead to many scenarios. 

According to Heaven, her men loved her so much. And Bear would constantly worry about them because, for him, this 'truth' was something one wouldn't easily accept. All of them were present during Hera's funeral. Her death was something they didn't accept with a snap of a finger. It took them a lot of time and they went through a lot of crazy stuff just to be sane after her death. 

Therefore, considering Heaven came face to face with not just one member of the Reaper, but a few of them, no one could blame Dominic if his anxiousness started to spike. What Dominic didn't know was that there was no deadly match whatsoever that happened in the past three days. At least, not like the deadly match Dominic thought of. 


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