670 Hera...

In the same city jail, in a women's prison cell, Heaven hummed a long tune. She sat in the corner of the small cell, feet folded into an angel seat, arms crossed underneath her chest. She was still wearing the same casual clothes she wore in the hospital where Primo was recovering. 

"Are you —"

"Shh!! Quiet." Heaven closed her eyes, shushing the person who attempted to break the quietness in her surroundings. "I'm trying to think, so shut up."

Andrea Ng pressed her lips into a thin line. The cell was already small enough for two people, but now that Heaven was here, it had become more crowded. Even so, Andrea Ng and her cellmate, Paula Shen, squeezed themselves into the other corner, thinking this was a safe distance. 

"Damn…" Heaven breathed out after a moment, reopening her eyes ever so slowly. "What time is it?"


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