712 Even forever is not enough

"Oh, no, you don't!"

Heaven dropped her hands and strode back to Ivy. Instead of taking a seat, she went straight to her friend to check her neck. After checking the side of Ivy's neck, she picked the latter's arm and pulled up her sleeve.

"What are you doing?" Ivy asked, confused. "Heaven."

Heaven looked back at her and asked, "Did anything intimate happen between you two?"


"Ivy, we're friends and if in case you forgot, I now have two children. I could've had more if my husband and I weren't careful," Heaven explained in a blank tone. "Now, tell me, did something happen between you two?"

Ivy opened and closed her mouth, speechless at her friend's bluntness. But in the end, she still had to give an answer because Heaven was waiting.

"No." Ivy pulled her arm from Heaven and lowered her sleeve. "Nothing happened, okay?"


"Why do you sound surprised? Heaven, you know I'm inexperienced."


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