472 [Bonus chapter] Why do I have to be me?

"That's what I thought." Heaven peeled her eyes from Bear, setting them on the window not far away from her bed. "To tell you the truth, making him believe I am who I am isn't what truly scares me. But what terrified me the most is that he would believe that everything I did... everything that I showed him, and everything I had said, were lies."

She might be in a different body, called by an entirely different name, and had to live the life of another. However, her heart had been genuine since day one in this body. 

"I love him... and that is the truth," she whispered as a thin layer of tears coated her eyes. "If not, then why would I be hurt?"

Heaven slowly clasped her chest as her fears slowly crawled out of the sealed box in her heart that she kept turning away. "I... can't lose Dom, Bear. He and Basti... they're my life now. Without them, I'll be nothing. I'm good as dead." 


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