522 [Bonus chapter] Newcomer

"How… in the world did I end up here again?"

Heaven wobbled down to the seat given to her, dropping the documents she meant to give to the lady crying in the bathroom earlier. She couldn't blame the people for misunderstanding, though. After all, she also had her faults too. 

Why did she even apologize when the senior employee told her about being late? She could've explained to him that she wasn't the newcomer, but someone who wanted to give these documents to the woman she almost bumped into. 

"Hay…" Heaven sighed deeply, glancing at the papers on her desk and then her computer. "Maybe a part of me wanted to see how far this misunderstanding would go. I can just leave when the newcomer returns after her breakdown."

Heaven shrugged, not bothered by this misunderstanding that much. She could always leave anytime, after all. 


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